Junior Eurovision 2021 Round-Up Week 1

On May 20th 2021 we found out that Junior Eurovision 2021 will be held in Paris,France. Upcoming weeks we will report weekly the news for each country preparations for Junior Eurovision 2021.


RTSH announced that they will make final decisions if they will take part of Junior Eurovision 2021 in June 2021.More details will be announced soon this month.

Last time Albania participated in 2019 with artist Isea Çili with song ”Mika ime fëmijëri”.

On 5th Novemeber 2020 Armenian broadcaster AMPTV announced that they will be withdraw from Adult Eurovision and aswell Junior Eurovision.
Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor said:

“Armenia is one of Junior Eurovision’s most successful competitors, having participated in 13 previous contests and never finished outside the top 10. We understand the reasons for their withdrawal, but it’s very sad news and they will be missed. We hope to welcome them back in 2021.”

Armenian broadcaster AMPTV has not announced that if they come back to the competition.

Last time Armenia participated in 2019 with Karina Ignatyan with song ”Colours Of Your Dream”.

Australia withdraw to compete in JESC 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions and concerns however other broadcaster ABS expressed the interest to return to JESC 2021.More details we will learn more in upcoming weeks.

Australia last time participated in 2019 with artist Jordan Anthony with song ”We Will Rise”.

EBU Decided to suspend the Belarusian broadcaster BTRC by due to their recent actions.

For more details you can read it here:

Last time Belarus participated in 2020 with artist Arina Pehtereva with song ”Aliens”.

Flemish broadcaster VRT announced that Belgium won’t return to Junior Eurovision 2021.
Birgit Simal which is Head of delegation for Flemish broadcaster VRT stated that they won’t return. Walloon broadcaster who also shares the Belgium participation has not ruled out yet.

Last time Belgium participated in 2012 with artist Fabian with song ”Abracadabra”.

A fan on Twitter asked to Icard Eurovision Bulgaria if they will participate in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and they replied that they won’t take part of it.

Last time Bulgaria participated in 2016 with artist Lidia Ganeva with song ”Magical Day (Вълшебен ден)”

Czech broadcaster announced that they won’t participate in JESC 2021. Jan Maxa confirmed that Czech Republic won’t debut in JESC 2021.

Denmark broadcaster announced that they won’t return to JESC 2021.Last time they participated in 2005, Nicolai with song ”Shake Shake Shake”.

Finnish broadcaster YLE announced that they won’t debut in Junior Eurovision 2021.

In 2019 YLE creative director Ville Vilen explained some factors why Finland won’t debut in JESC:

”YLE will not participate in the Junior Eurovision Festival because we maintain the principle of not placing children competition as adults. For example ”we don’t do cooking shows with children.”

On 20th May we learned new details for Junior Eurovision 2021. We learned that host city is Paris, France. The venue of the competition is La Seine Musicale. Slogan of the JESC 2021 is ”Imagine” and the competition will be held on 19th of December 2021.

There is no new information who will represent the host country and in upcoming months we will learn the new details.

Valentina brought victory for France in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with song ”J’imagine”.

Georgian broadcaster GPB announced that Georgia will return to participate in JESC 2021.There is no new details how Georgia will select their act for 2021 but last few years they chosen the talent show ‘‘Ranina” to pick who will represent Georgia in Junior Eurovision.

Sandra Gadelia represented Georgia in JESC 2020 with song ”You Are Not Alone”.

German broadcaster KIKA announced that they are returning to Junior Eurovision 2021. Applications are open from June 1st 2021 and deadline is till June 25th 2021.The advanced participants you will be able to see on kika.de from end of July. All viewers will be open their three favourites. On early of August three artists with most votes will get receive invitation to preliminary decision. Viewers will be able to see who will represent Germany in JESC 2021 via program ”Junior ESC-Who goes to Paris?” on 10th September 2021.

For more details how the participation and application works you can read here:

Susan represented Germany in JESC 2020 with song ”Stronger Than You” .

Icelandic Head of Press Rúnar Freyr announced that Iceland won’t debut in Junior Eurovision 2021.Previously there were talks to potential debut in Junior Eurovision. RUV broadcasted the Junior Eurovision 2003 in Iceland but never took part.

Ireland broadcaster TG4 announced and opened the applications to anyone who interested to represent Ireland in Junior Eurovision 2021. The potential artist must be from age 9 till 14 years old. Deadline of the applications is Autumn (September/November/October).The Irish heats will take place in line with HSE (Health Service Executive) guidelines.

Anna Kearny who represented Ireland in Junior Eurovision 2019 said

”I loved every minute of it, I got to perform on a stage bigger than I had ever dreamt of. It it is something I will never forget.”

Anna Kearny represented Ireland with song ”Banshee” in Junior Eurovison 2019.

Soon after France won Junior Eurovision 2020, Italian broadcaster RAI stated that they are interested to return in Junior Eurovison 2021.Italy withdraw in JESC 2020 due to Covid-19 but Italian delegation has already confirmed that they are desired to return to the contest.

Simona Martorelli who is Italian Head of Delegation said:

”At the moment, our efforts are focusing on making a very good participation in Eurovision 2021,It is too early to think about what will happen with the Junior Eurovision 2021 but we hope and of course to be able to lead the Italian delegation in this contest again.”

Italy won the adult version of Eurovision 2021 and we still waiting for the current plans if Italy will return to Junior Eurovision 2021.

Italy last time participated in Junior Eurovison 2019 with artist Marta Viola with song ”La Voce Della Terra”.

Kazakhstan Head of Delegation Zhazira Dyussembehova expressed the interest that they country should participate in Junior Eurovision 2021.

Zhazira Dyussembekova said:

”It is highly likely that Kazakhstan will participate in the next competition, but the final decision will be announced later”.

Karakat Bashanova represented Kazakhstan in Junior Eurovision 2020 with song ”Forever”.

Latvian broadcaster LTV press officer Krista Luize announced that Latvia won’t return to Junior Eurovision 2021.Their current priority is to focus on adult version of Eurovision.

Latvia last time participated in 2011 with artist Amanda Bashmakova with song ”Moondog”.

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS announced that they will return to participate in JESC 2021.They opened the applications to anyone who is interested to participate the national selection. Deadline was December 31st 2020.
On 4th of May 2021 AVROTROS announced 10 finalists for Junior Songfestivalen 2021 and these artists are:


You will be able to see the finalists reactions how they found out:

Ten finalists will now be grouped into four acts, though acts can be soloists, duos and groups. Final of national selection is planned on September 2021.

Unity represent Netherlands with song ”Best Friends” in Junior Eurovison 2020.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK confirmed that Norway won’t return to participate in the Junior Eurovision 2021.NRKjr Executive Producer Eva Rutgerson confirmed the news.

Norway last time participated in JESC 2005 with Malin and she sang ”Sommer Og Skolefri”.

Polish broadcaster TVP confirmed that they going to participate in JESC 2021. They will use once more Szansa na Sukces selection and this week they opened the applications and they will be casted during 5th and 6th of June 2021.

Group of performers will be able to chosen which semi final they will be participating. Only name is potentially many wants to see is Sara Egwy James who won latest season of The Voice Kids Poland. Others are The Voice Kids Poland alumni have competed in previously.
Expected dates for broadcasting are during in September and final early November.

Ala Tracz represent Poland in JESC 2020 with song ”I‘ll Be Standing”.

During The Voice Kids Portugal Final it was announced that winner will represent Portugal in Junior Eurovision 2021. Simão Oliveira won the competition and he will represent Portugal in Junior Eurovision 2021.Details which song he will sing still unclear and upcoming weeks we will learn more about it.

Portugal last participated in 2019 with Joana Almeida and she sang ”Vem Comigo (Come With Me)”.

Russian broadcaster announced that they will participate in JESC 2021.On 20th January 2021 the applications were open and the deadline is till 25th August 2021.Semi Final of Russian national selection process will take place on September 2021 in Moscow.

Sofia Feskova represented Russia with song ”My New Day” in JESC 2020.

Head of RTVS International relations department Slavomira Kubickova told to website Eurofestivales that debut of Slovakia in Junior Eurovision ”has not closed the door to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021”.
RTVS is yet to make a final decisions on their participation but however in past they said ”no” to a ”maybe” in last few years so this means it has some hope seeing Slovakia in Junior Eurovision one day.

RTVE confirmed that they will participate in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021.The announcement was made during press conference where Solea talked about her participation in JESC 2020 and came 3rd in the competition.

Solea said:
”We’ve started our return with very good results, so we’ll continue taking part, we want to amaze in the coming editions again, said Toñi Prieto, RTVE’s Head of Entertainment.”

More details will be announced soon about Spain’s selection who will represent the country.

Solea represented Spain with song ”Palante’‘ in JESC 2020.

Swedish broadcaster SVT Head of Press Madeleine Sinding-Larsen revealed to website Eurovision Festival that once again Sweden will not return to competition at the Junior Eurovison 2021.The confirmation came after Safa Safiyrai who is head of SVT’s children’s channel said that the country could return ,but not in a short period of time.
Safa Safiyari said:

”After leaving in 2014,we raised the issue several times and studied, every two years ,the possibility of returning. However, we concluded that the Junior Eurovison Song Contest did not it fits into our current plans and objectives but the return is not out of the question, as we do not close the door to future participation”.

Sweden last time participated in 2014 with artist Julia Kedhammar with song ”Du är inte ensam”.

A fan on Twitter asked to SRF Eurovision Song Contest account if Switzerland is planning to return to Junior Eurovision 2021 and they replied with ”Unfortunately not. Looking forward to Rotterdam’‘.

Last time Switzerland participated in JESC 2004 with Demis Mirarchi and he sang ”Birichino”.

United Kingdom:

EBU has stated that they are working on getting the United Kingdom to return to Junior Eurovision. In recent press conference about JESC 2021 contest executive supervisor Martin Österdahl when he responded with simple ”Yes” when he was asked if EBU will working with ITV to get United Kingdom back in contest. More details we will learn more.

United Kingdom last time participated in JESC 2005 with artist Joni Fuller and she sang ‘‘How Does It Feel?”.


Scottish broadcaster BBC Alba confirmed that they will not debut in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. BBC Alba confirmed that they discussed to take part due that could be enable participation for the country in 2020 edition.
Previously Scotland has history of taking part in other EBU events which are taking part and winning the EBU event ”Let the people sing” in 1961,1962 and 1965.Also country took in other EBU event which is Eurovision choir, which took place in 2019 but the broadcaster only participated in first round but sadly didn’t qualify to he second round.


A fan asked on Twitter to Wales broadcaster S4C if Wales will participate in the JESC 2021 and they said they won’t taking part in the contest due to ”current circumstances” which means Covid-19 reasons.

Junior Eurovision 2021 is set to take place in Paris, France on 19th December 2021.

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