Around The Continent 2022 – #2

As we continue the weekly series Around The Continent and we are going to talk about news and updated list how each country will select or take part at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Australian broadcaster SBS to Eurovision news site ESCToday that Australia will participate at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Australia is rumoured to use Australia Decides national selection but details regarding and the more details will be released soon.

We got the first 2 names who are rumoured or interested to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2022. One of them are The Voice Belgium Season 9 winner Jérémie Makiese.

First news broke out that he told ”La Meuse” that ”I would like to do Eurovision next year”.
Jeremie has very strong chance of being chosen to compete in the contest as in 2022 that Belgium representative is selected by broadcaster RTBF who also produce The Voice Belgium.

2nd name is rumoured name which is Nuela Charles. First news broke out when she posted on Instagram story where she is in studio writing new music. A lot of her fans speculate if its for Eurovision 2022.

Time will tell who will represent Belgium in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

German Head of Delegation Alexendra Wolfslast has confirmed to German website ”ESC Kompakt” that NDR will be reviewing the selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.In 2020 Gemany used a jury system to select their entry which was Ben Dolic with ”Violent Thing” .In Eurovison 2021 they planning to select 100 members from public jury and ”Eurovision jury” which is formed of past acts and ”experts’ jurors voting for their favourite entry.

When it was asked if the selection method was working for Switzerland and not Germany, she replied:

”Any explanation would be pure speculation. The fact is that the same procedure obviously works extremely well in Switzerland, but has not earned us a good ranking.”.

Also she added:

”I think it is easy to understand why we are now self-critically reviewing the current selection process and considering what we can do differently in the NDR in the future.”

First names appeared who are potential Greek representatives to represent Greece in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

First name is Nikolas Varhtakouris or also better known as good job niky.

2nd name comes from Eurovison news website Eurovisionfun that Amanda Georgiadi or also known as Amanada Tenfjord. She is half Greek and half Norwegian.

3rd rumoured name also comes from Eurovision website Eurovisionfun who is D3LTA. D3LTA is half British and half Greek songwriter and singer which is influenced by English rock music. He is based in Athens,Greece but often travels to London.

More details how ERT will select to represent Greece in Eurovision 2022 will be released soon. As we previously mentioned Greek broadcaster is interested to held national selection to select their artist.

Israeli broadcaster Reshet 13 released more details for X-Factor Israel. According to Israeli media reports X-Factor Israel will be judged Neta Barzilai, Aviv Geffen, Margalit Tsanani, Ran Danker and Miri Mesika. Previously we mentioned that Simon Cowell won’t be part of the judging panel. The X-Factor will be hosted by Liron Wizmann.

The auditions process has started but the deadline hasn’t been announced.

Currently we have 12 cities running to potentially currently bidding process to host Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and these are:

Bari (NEW)
Reggio Emilia

Also we have first names who potentially can host Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

One of the rumoured and potential names are Alessandro Cattelan. He is Italian television and radio host who became popular in the early 2000’s as host of multiple MTV Italia programs such as ”Most Wanted” and ”Total Request Live”.
In 2011 he moved to Sky Italia to host X-Factor. He also hosted series late night series. ”E poi c’è Cattelan”.

Another name are Raffaella Carrà. She is 77 year old Italian singer, dancer, television presenter and actress as popular figure in Italy, Europe and Latin America. She is huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and she presented various programs in Spain which is related to the European competiton. In 2008 before Italy returned in 2012 she invited Eurovision classic stars like Dima Bilan,Ani Lorak,Simon Mathew and Latvian musical group ”Pirates of the Sea”. She also provided Italian commentary and gave Italian votes in Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

3rd rumoured name is Milly Carlucci. She also is Italian broadcaster RAI veteran. She hosted a for many years ” Ballando con le stelle”, witch is Italian version of ”Dancing with the stars”. She also recently hosted a Italian version of ”The Masked Singer”. She also speaks in 4 languages which is English,French,Spanish and German.

It was announced that X-Factor Malta is returning for third season last been held in 2019/2020 when Destiny won and had chance to represent Malta in Eurovision Song Contest 2020.X-Factor Malta for past few years been they way how to select Maltese representive at Eurovision 2019 and Eurovison 2020 which was Michela Pace who won Season 1 and Destiny who won Season 2. Maltese broadcaster PBS has yet to announce if they will use the same method to select their artist for Eurovision 2022.

During Doda’s Instagram livestream she answered on fan questions and one of the questions about representing Poland in Eurovision 2022.She said that would not participate to advance her career but yet for fun and her fans. She also proposed a idea for national final where she sings two songs and the public select the best one to represent Poland at Eurovision 2022.Doda also stated that if she were to were to represent Poland in Eurovision, she would have own conditions. She would like to handpick her team for Eurovision.

“I am able to make many, many compromises, but in this case, if I am to go about it and, as I emphasise, for others, I would like these conditions to be met.”

Polish singer Maria Sadowska who was member of jury in Polish national selection in 2017 has received the support to Doda represent Poland at Eurovision 2022, Maria said:

“I was once on the jury for the Polish national selection. First there were the participants … and then Doda came out and blew everyone away in five seconds. My first thought was: ‘She’s the perfect artist for Eurovision. Nobody can put on such a great show. With a good song, she could conquer the world. ‘’.

TVP has yet to confirm to participation for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 but sooner or later we going to learn if Poland confirms.

As we know that ‘‘Dream Team” is charged to select the Russia’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Few weeks ago the image appeared where Kirkorov,Dimitris Kontopoulus and stage director Fokas Evangelis is along with Russian/Azeri singer JONY.

JONY was been rumoured to represent Azerbaijan in Eurovision for couple of years. JONY was born in Azerbaijan but moved to Moscow with his family when he was just as child. He is been musically active since 2018 by doing covers and at end of the 2018 he released his first single ”Пустой стакан” (ENG Empty glass).Currently his popularity has been rising all over former Soviet countries.

More potential names for Russia will arrive and we going to report on them, and in few months we going to learn who will represent Russia at Eurovision 2022.

Slovak broadcaster RTS announced that they won’t participate at Eurovision 2022.According to Eurovision new site RTVS informed the site that they won’t currently planning to return to contest. Last time we seen Slovakia in Eurovision was in 2012 who represented Max Jason Mai with song ”Don’t Close Your Eyes”.

Swedish broadcaster SVT announced that Sweden will participate to Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Sweden once again will use traditional national selection Melodifestivalen to select the Eurovision 2022 entry. More details about Melodifestivalen will be released but one change will know that P4 Nasta 2021 participants has no guarantee to participate in Melodifestivalen.

According to British news agent ”The Sun” reported:

The production team are desperate to make a fresh start after this year’s ‘flop’ and are trying to lure top talent with promises of lucrative record sales and international exposure.”

We seen the few names that are tipped or rumoured to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision 2022.

First name is Jessie J.

Currently she is presented as high popularity among the Eurovision fandom and she is massive international star. Jessie J has numerous hit songs like ”Bang Bang” ,”Flashlight” ,”Price Tag” and many more. Also she appeared as judge in the British and Australian The Voice for 4 seasons. She also judged one season of Kids version of The Voice UK. She also appeared and won the 6th season of the Chinese singing competition show ‘I am a Singer”. Many news outlets from the UK are reporting that Jessie J has been approached by the BBC to represent United Kingdom at Eurovision 2022 but she has yet to make the comment of the rumours.

2nd name is drag queen musical band ”The Frock Destroyers”.

Band consists of drag queens Baga Chipiz,Davina de Campo and Blue Hydrangea. They are also in talks with BBC to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision 2022.According to British news agent ”The Mirror” Baga Chipiz commented in a interview;

“There may have been conversations and meetings. I don’t want to say too much. But it’s on the cards. Put it this way, it’s not impossible that it could happen.”.

They also been rumoured to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

3rd rumoured artists are duet between Comedian songwriter Bill Bailey and reality star Gemma Collins.

During on BAFTA TV Awards red carpet Bill mentioned that he is interested to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision Song Contest 2022. He said

”….you know what? I was writing [a Eurovision song] today….because I just thought, why not? Come on, we’ve not been doing well lately”.

In 2007 he was offered to share several songs with public to represent United Kingdom in 2007 but BBC rejected and send Andy Abraham with song ”Even If” in Eurovision 2008.Recently he won ”Strictly Come Dancing” but there are no rumours of BBC approaching him.

Reality TV star Gemma Collins offered that she is interested to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision 2022 stating:

“If Eurovision called me up hun, I will go there. Katie Price done it and basically the GC has got to do it next.”

She mentioned in an interview with British news agency ”The Sun” she would be open to a duet with Bill Bailey or potentially with Snoop Dogg.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is set take place in May but the dates has not been announced yet.

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