Around The Continent 2022-Week 3

As we continue the weekly series Around The Continent and we are going to talk about news and updated list how each country will select or take part at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Andorran broadcaster RTA announced that Andorra won’t return in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.General Director of RTVA Xavi Mujal said:

”Currently we are at the same stage,to not participate at the ESC 2022”.

Last time we seen Andorra in 2009, Susanne Georgi with song ”La Teva Decisio / Get A Life”.

Armenian Head of Delegation David Tserunyan on Instagram story posted that he is part of EBU Eurovision 2022 meeting and a lot of fans speculate that this might be first steps of Armenian return to contest.

We still need to need to wait for official confirmation if Armenia will return to contest or will withdraw.

Last time Armenia meant to participate in 2020,Athena Manoukian with song ”Chains On You”.

Bosnian and Herzegonian broadcaster BHRT said that is unlikely to return to the Eurovision Song Contest that in near future unless the new funding will be found or resolved. Bosnia & Herzegovina is absent from the competition due to debts to the EBU and lack of funds to finance the participation.

Statement to newsite N1 the BHRT explained:

‘Even now, and in the years ahead, BHRT puts at its disposal its team of professionals, its production and technical capacities, but unfortunately, BHRT does not have the financial means to finance the participation of representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this most spectacular and expensive TV show in the world.”

BHRT is reiterated that only way to see the broadcaster back in the competition with do the partnership with other groups. The broadcaster said:

”Only with the support of the economy, state bodies, institutions, citizens and joint investment in a product called BiH’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest could we quickly expect BiH to return to this competition because the Eurovision Song Contest is not just a competition for the best song, the Eurovision Song Contest is much more than that.”.

Last time Bosnia and Herzegonia participated in 2016 with Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala with song ”Ljubav Je”.

French broadcaster has launched the song submissions process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Songs are being accepted from June 21st 2021 till October 24th 2021.

This is 2nd time when ‘Eurovision France: c’est vous qui décidez’ will be used.

Another potential rumoured artist for Greek representive in Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and its Archolekas. He is 17 year old and has been involved in music since he was child.
He is candidate for the MAD VMA 2021 in the category with ”Best New Artist”.

We like to inform that Greek broadcaster is expressed the interest to held the national selection but still needs to be confirmed.

Italian Delegation from RAI has made their first trip to Geneva,Switzerland to discuss Eurovison Song Contest 2022 plans with the EBU.

RAI has met with Reference Group for the Song Contest in their first meeting.

Speaking to Eurovision.TV HOD Simona Martorelli expressed her excitement to Italy holding next year contest:

”There is a lot of enthusiasm around the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. This victory is combined with a sentiment of rebirth that Italy really needs. We’re looking forward to working with the Reference Group on producing an incredible ESC in Italy in 2022.

In the story of Eurovision, my favourite song is ABBA’s “Waterloo” and my favourite Italian entry is, of course, Maneskin’s “Zitti E Buoni!”‘

Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl added:

”It great to finally be able to welcome the Reference Group to Geneva and meet in person for the first time in over 18 months.

The handover between the previous and next year’s Host Broadcaster is always a special moment and even more so this year. We’ve reflected on three spectacular shows in Rotterdam and are excited to welcome the team from RAI onboard and already looking forward to what they will bring us in 2022.”

It was announced that Italian national festival Sanremo Music Festival will be held in the first week in February 2022.Its also confirmed that presents of Sanremo will be different from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Chairman of Valleta Cultural Agency Mr.Jason Micallef confirmed that on Facebook that the Maltese broadcaster is returning to separate selection for the Eurovision 2022.

News comes after PBS announced that auditions for 3rd season X-Factor Malta is open and Mr.Micallef said:

It is fitting to commend the wise decision of the new management of PBS, that with immediate effect, the representation of Malta in the next edition of Eurovision, will be through a specially staged festival, and not the winner of X Factor Malta.

I am convinced that this news will be received with great satisfaction by all Maltese singers, authors and composers.”

Last time Maltese national selection was used in 2018 and won by Christabelle with song ”Taboo”

Last week we mentioned that Doda is interested to represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

2nd rumoured name is Margaret to represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

This comes from Italian news released article that Polish pop singer Margaret shot the music video in Rimini which is also in potential list of hosting cities to Eurovision 2022.

Margaret is famously known to participating in national selections like in Poland and later in Swedish national selection Melodifestivalen.

Poland broadcaster yet to announced to participating in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

San Marinese Government has revealed that national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will be held over the number of months.

It also announced that ‘Una voce per San Marino’ will start in December 2021.They said:

”The novelty of the month of December, which also continues for the first months of 2022 will be the Festival “Una voce per San Marino”

No new details revealed yet but more news will be released soon.

While we wait to Slovenia confirm the participation to Eurovision 2022 we have first 2 names who expressed intrest to represent Slovenia in competition.

1st name is Amaya or better known as Maja Keuc who represented Slovenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2011.For past few years she said that she has interested or teased to return to the competition.

2nd name is YOTR or also known as YEAR OF THE ROOKIE. They are band and its consists of David Bowli, Žičo, Krke, Karlos, Črpič in Čule.

Director General of Turkish broadcaster TRT stated that discussions have started between EBU and TRT regarding to return of participating in Eurovision Song Contest.

Turkish newspaper Milliyet reporting that TRT has started discussions with the EBU regarding to Eurovision. In interview with journalist Ali Eyüboğlu said:

‘TRT took a decision a while ago regarding Eurovision. They said, that ‘without a change in the voting system, Turkey would not participate again’. The Board of Directors is still behind this decision but we are talking with “Eurovision” (EBU) again. They have a new, very good Executive Supervisor from North Europe. I think this year Eurovision was really successful. After many years they did a very good show. Our colleagues started talks with the new Executive Supervisor. I don’t know what will happen.”

Later on EBU confirmed this fact and released on full statement on

“Although the EBU’s Turkish Member TRT hasn’t participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012 we know there is still huge interest in Turkey in the Contest underlined by the large amount of engagement on our social channels from Turkish fans.
With that in mind, we are in contact with TRT with the aim of bringing them back into the competition.

TRT has made a huge contribution to the Contest in the past, including hosting the event in Istanbul in 2004, and we would very much welcome them back should they decide to participate again.”

This is the first time that EBU actually specifically said that they are actively trying to bring Turkey back to Eurovision.

Turkey last time participated in 2012 with artist Can Bonomo with song ”Love Me Back”.

Swedish broadcaster SVT will open the submissions for Melodifestivalen 2022 on August 24th 2021.Submissions will have the opportunity to send the songs until September 17th 2021.

Broadcaster also confirmed that once again Melodifestivalen will be used to select entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Total 28 songs will compete in Melodifestivalen 2022. 14 songs will be chosen from submissions and other 14 will be artists or songwriters are invited to compete or SVT has chosen from the songs were sent in.

SVT also gave priority to 10 songs will be mainly written in Swedish which can be used same melody in other languages. If the selected song wins Melodifestivalen broadcaster will decide which language will have to perform.

Swedish citizens are allowed to send in songs for the competition and foreign songwriters are also allowed to submit an entry if it has at least one Swedish composer/lyricist. The broadcaster aims that at least 50% of the composers and lyricists competing are female.

Like last week we mentioned that P4 Nasta 2021 won’t be a used as wildcard selection. Last time P4 Nasta wildcard rule was used in 2021 by Julia Alfrida who sang ”Rich”.

SVT will announce the competing acts at some point after November 25th 2021.

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC has confirmed that they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Broadcaster has not revealed any details how they will select their entrant for the Eurovision 2022.

Previously they used national selections and last time they used Vidbir in 2020 won by Go_A with song ”Solovey”.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is set take place in May but the dates has not been announced yet.

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