Will Hungary Return to Eurovision 2022?

Hungary’s last participation at Eurovision was in 2019.
Joci Pápai represented the country with the song “Az én apám” and didn’t qualify for the final.

Yesterday, the Hungarian channel Duna published the regulations of “A Dal” music festival. In the past, it was used as Hungary’s selection for Eurovision.
Unfortunately, the post was deleted several minutes after the release.
However, we are here to provide you with the full details.

We were able to see that the word “Eurovíziós” (Eng: Eurovision) was mentioned several times.
Therefore, it seems like Hungary will return to Eurovision, after 2 years of absence (2020 and 2021).
In the document (that has already been deleted), were 2 interesting facts:

Potential dates of Eurovision 2022 – 17th, 19th, and 21st of May 2022
The host city of Eurovision 2022 – Turin

Here are the main points of the “A Dal 2022” regulations:

  1. The submission window will close on the 14th of November 2021
  2. A professional jury will select the songs that will participate in the festival itself.
  3. The contest will include semi-finals and final.
  4. The song entered (neither its lyrics nor its music) couldn’t be commercially distributed before September the 1st, 2021.
  5. The maximum song duration is 3 minutes.
  6. Only a singer or group who has previously released a music album or a nationally played radio or television recording and has a contract with a record label and / or a professional music manager may nominate
  7. The performers of the songs can be Hungarian citizens or Hungarian native speakers
  8. All participants in the stage production must be 16 years old by 17 May 2022, the first Eurovision semi-final in Turin.
  9. The announcer of the competition supports the singing of songs in Hungarian in the Hungarian song selection program series DAL 2022. Lyrics in English or in the official mother tongue of minorities and ethnic groups living in Hungary can also be submitted, but in this case a Hungarian translation must also be submitted.
  10. A songwriter of foreign citizenship who is not a native Hungarian speaker may submit an entry only if the song is sung by a performer who meets the previous conditions.

Will Hungary return to Eurovision? Apparently, the answer is yes.
Since the post was deleted and nothing was confirmed officially, we should be really careful.

Let’s not forget that the post is interesting not only because it hints at a potential comeback,
but because it finally gave us the initial answers for the location and dates of Eurovision 2022.
Following the post, we can infer that Eurovision 2022 will be held in Turin, on the 17th, 19th, and 21st of May 2022.

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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