Lithuania: “Pabandom iš naujo 2022” Heat 2 Running Order Revealed, While 2 Participants Withdraw

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT recorded yesterday the 2nd heat of the national selection: “Pabandom iš naujo 2022“.
The recorded show will be broadcast on the upcoming Saturday15th of January 2022.

But before we dive into the second heat details, let’s up report that 2 participants have decided to withdraw from the contest!

Monika Linkyte (who represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2015 alongside Vaidas Baumila) is the first artist to withdraw from “Pabandom iš naujo 2022

Unfortunately, Monika is handling a severe cold which prevents her from singing and standing on stage. Based on the doctor’s recommendation, she has to silence her voice for a period.

The second artist to withdraw is Arturas Aleksiejus. He has just explained that he had to give-up participation for personal reasons.

Basas Pegasas should have taken part in the first heat. However, due to health issues of one of the band members they had to give up participation in the first heat.

The good news is, that now all of them feel good. LRT permitted the band to compete in the 3rd heat instead.

Now, back to the second heat – here are the participants, presented in running order:

#1. Viktorija Kajokaitė – Piece of the universe

It will be her debut in the national selection. In the past, she participated in some projects of LRT.
She said that representing her country at Eurovision is a long-time dream she has.

#2.Gabrea – Make it real.

Gabrea is the staging name of Gabrielė Senkevičiūtė, who has lived in Spain for the last few years.
In 2017, she participated in the Lithuanian selection for Eurovision 2017.
In 2021, she competed in the 8th season of “The Voice Of Lithuania“.
For her song, she collaborated with the composers Justas Kulikauskas and Aurimas Galvelis.

#3.Clockwork Creep – Grow

The 4 members of the band plan to conquer every listener’s heart with a metal song.
They promise it will be accessible even to pop lovers

#4.Emilija Katauskaitė – Illuminate

The singer said the pandemic has shown us how dark, lonely and sad life can be.
She has to return from London (where she studied music) to Lithania due to the pandemic.
Her alternative indie pop song will give us a place for hope.

#5.Justė Kraujelytė – How To Get My Life Back

It will be her debut in the Lithuanian selection. The singer released her first album 2 years ago.
She will base her staging on her favorite movie – “The Matix“.
The song is dedicated to how hard it is to live in the modern era, where we can get lost in a sea of fake news.

#6.Titus and Benas – “Getting Through This”

Titus and Benas  are 2 cousins that will return to Lithuanian selection for the 2nd year in a row.
Last year, they ended up as finalists with “No“.

#7.Ieva Zasimauskaitė – I’ll be there

Ieva represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2018 with the ballad “When We’re Old“.
Back then ended up in 12th place in the grand final.
This year she will accompany herself on piano with an emotional pop soul song.

#8.Queens of Roses – Washing machine

The girl group participated in the Lithuanian selection on 2 different occasions. In 2017, they performed the song “Fisherman” and were eliminated in the 8th show (a step before the semi-finals). In 2019, they performed the song “Runaway” and were elimimated in the 4th heat:

At this time, they will try to make you dance to their party song. They say the song might be divisive, but they take the risk.

#9.Cosmic Bride – The Devil Lives in Spain

Cosmic Bride is a Lithuanian singer and composer living in The Netherlands.
She participated in the Lithuanian selection in 2021 with the song “Solitary Star.
Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify for the semi-finals.
Her song is a personal story inspired by an old Spanish myth. The song describes the tension between passion and the fear of losing yourself.

#10.Justin 3 feat. nanaart – Something that is natural

Justinas Stanislovaitis (part of the well-known band Twosome) will perform this year with the singer Nanaart (real name: Liucija)

#11.Moosu X – Love That Hurts

Moosu X is a duo of producers Justas Kulikauskas and Aurimas Galvelis. They have worked with several Lithuanian musicians like Gabrea (heat 2) and Urtė Šilagalytė (who has already qualified for the semi-finals).
Their song will take about love: self love as well as loving others.

The second heat of “Pabandom iš naujo 2022″ will be broadcast on Saturday at 20:00 CET

You’re welcome to read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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