Slovenia: “EMA FREŠ 2022” Final – Results

14 young artists competed tonight in the final “EMA FREŠ 2022”:

  1. Mia Vučković – Telenovela
  2. De Liri – Obstajam (Eng: I Exist)
  3. Jon Vitezič – Jesus Style
  4. INA – Moj dopamin (Eng: My Dopamine)
  5. Marijan & Špela – I am so in Love
  6. Stela Sofia – Tu in zdaj (Eng: Here And Now)
  7. Leya Leanne – Naked
  8. Nika S. – Počakaj me (Eng: Wait For Me)
  9. Katja Kos – Deadly Flower
  10. Jaka Hliš – Svoje sreče krojač (Eng: Your lucky tailor)
  11. Anja Vodošek – Maniac
  12. EMMA – Moja sreča (Eng: My Happiness)
  13. LPS – Disko
  14. LUMA – All in

The show was hosted by Arne, Melani Mekicar and Eurovision 2012 representative Eva Boto.

The full playlist can be found HERE:

Results time:

The 4 finalists are:

LUMA – All in

Stela Sofia – Tu in zdaj

LPS – Disco

Leya Leanne
– Naked

The 4 qualifiers will take part in the semi-finals of “EMA 2022“.
2 of them will participate in the semi-final 1 on 5th of February 2022.
2 others will participate in the semi-final 2 on the 12th of February 2022.

10 artists will participate in each semi-final: 8 established and 2 newcomers (EMA FREŠ 2022 finalists).
6 participants will qualify from each semi-final: 3 will be selected by the jury, 3 will be selected by the public.
“EMA 2022” grand final will be held on Saturday the 19th of February 2022

Full details about the semi-finals can be found here:

Semi-Final 1 Details

Semi-Final 2Details

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