Sweden: “Melodifestivalen 2022” Semi-Final 4 Results

God kväll Sverige!

Sweden broadcasted the third semi-final of “Melodifestivalen 2022

On a mission to host the shows this year is the Oscar Zia. unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situations the planned tour was cancelled and Zia will host the live shows from the capital city Stockholm. The first three events will take place at Avicii Arena (AKA Globen) and the last three from Friends Arena.

Tonight, 7 acts conquered the stage in this running order:

  1. Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power
  2. Lillasyster – Til Our Days Are Over
  3. Malin Christin – Synd Om Dig (Eng: Sorry For You) []
  4. Tenori – La Stella
  5. MEDINA – “In I Dimman” (Eng: Into The Fog)
  6. Angelino – The End
  7. Klara Hammarström – “Run To The Hills“


Klara Hammarström with “Run To The Hills” was the first finalist to be announced:

MEDINA with “In I Dimman” is the 2nd finalist to be announced (84 points)

2 artists advanced for the second chance round, where they will have an opportunity to qualify for the final:

3rd Place: Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power (73 points)

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4th Place: Lillasyster – Til Our Days Are Over (65 points)

This means we have to say goodbye to 3 artists:

5th place: Angelino – The End (37 points)

6th place: Tenori – La Stella (37 points)

7th place: Malin Christin – Synd Om Dig (16 points)

Next week, SVT will broadcast semi-final 5 (second chance( of “Melodifestivalen 2022” with 8 artists:

  • Theoz – Som du vill
  • Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo
  • Alvaro Estrella – Suave
  • Tone Sekelius – My Way
  • Lisa Miskovsky – Best to come
  • Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough
  • Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power
  • Lillasyster – Til Our Days Are Over

The show will be held will be held at Friends Arena, Stockholm.

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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