Israel: KAN releases a promo ad for the premiere of “Unicorn”; Noa Kirel launches a dance challenge for “Unicorn”

One of the most awaited internally-selected Eurovision entries of this year is Israel’s. Ever since Noa Kirel was officially announced by KAN as the Israeli entrant, fans have started to speculate what her Eurovision entry would be based on the songs she had already released.

Last February 18, 2023, Israeli media reported that the release date of “Unicorn” is set for March 8th. Among the media outlets that reported on the release date of “Unicorn” was ILTV News:

Well, the wait is almost over after KAN released a promo ad for the premiere of “Unicorn” this coming March 8th which is also International Women’s Day:

Following the ad’s release, KAN also shared a short behind the scenes footage of the teaser on their Twitter account which was accompanied by a snippet of “Unicorn”:

Noa Kirel delivered her promise to be front and center with the creative process of Israel’s Eurovision entry as she decided to promote the upcoming release of “Unicorn” through a video in her TikTok account where she created a dance challenge for “Unicorn”:


Are you ready ? #unicorn 🦄 I’m waiting for your dances !!! #אירוויזיון2023 #eurovision2023

♬ Unicorn – Noa Kirel

If the audio of the dance challenge is familiar, that’s because it is also the same one from the short behind the scenes footage of the “Unicorn” promo ad that KAN posted on Twitter.

Reactions from around the world to the promo ad of “Unicorn”

When the promo ad for the release of “Unicorn” dropped, Eurovision fans quickly took to social media to express their sentiments over the Israeli entry such as this one Eurovision fan who made this ambitious promise right after seeing the promo ad:

Eurovision Analyst Jack Lawson from Tel Aviv on the other hand, attested to how catchy “Unicorn” is even though it is only a teaser of the song that was incorporated into the promo ads as well as the social media posts from KAN and Noa:

Details about the “Unicorn” release

KAN stated in the promo ad for the “Unicorn” release that the song will be premiered on March 8th, 21:00 CET. You can also follow Noa on Spotify and subscribe to her Youtube channel to be notified when “Unicorn” is released on those platforms.

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