“MARGO” Amazing New Videoclip from “Iveta Mukuchyan”


“…I want to take you on a journey with me. 

A journey of a woman who was about to die but walked into life again. 

A bond bound in the fate of a families history, and a soul whose time came but has cradled mine in their embrace. 


Mazal Tov! Exactly today (10/14) Armenian singer “Iveta Mukuchyan” celebrates her 32 Birthday and there is no better way to celebrate this event with a new single and Video clip: “MARGO”

In her new song, Iveta proves us all she reached to that stage of matureness in her career as she speaks about that spiritual moment of connection “Margo” (“… I let myself be amazed … Unaware, stagnation is ineffective … He came to me. The secret energy flow, its own understanding of the contour, their influence. The real motives of my actions should be directed properly. Underground work is needed to create a decent life. And life is not a performance…”)

On top of that, the video clip of “MARGO” is one of the best produced one we’ve seen for a long time.  A shaman ritual makes Iveta jumps between 2 dimensions of life and afterlife, As a queen caged in a fancy castle or a free spirit living in the endless desert. all of that, of course, is spiced with that mystery gothic theme familiar with the diva (which also makes us love her so much)

Iveta represented Armenia at the 2016 Eurovision song contest with the song “Lovewave” and came 7th in the final.  Even though it was clear to us all her charisma is out of this world, Iveta keeps inventing herself anew each time and it feels magical!!  Margo Video got 40K views in just 5 days! so one thing is for sure, we want to see Moreeeee….


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