Joci Pápai Returns To Eurovision And Will Sing “Az én apám” In Tel-Aviv

Hungary held tonight A DAL 2019 grand final and chooses Joci Pápai to represent them for the second time in the Eurovision song contest

The winner decided by a combination of a televote and a jury panel consists of Beatrice lead singer Feró Nagy, Magna Cum Laude lead singer Misi Mező, composer Miklós Both, and Napoleon Boulevard lead singer Lilla Vincze.

Out of 30 songs in this year contest, and these are the 8 finalists. In BOLD the judges qualifiers for the public vote:

  • Acoustic Planet – Nyári zápor
  • The Middletonz – Roses
  • Bence Vavra  – Szótlanság
  • Gergő Szekér – Madár, repülj!
  • Bogi Nagy  – Holnap
  • Fatal Error – Kulcs
  • Joci Pápai  – Az én apám
  • Gergő Oláh – Hozzád Bújnék

After adding the public votes this is the final scoreboard :

  • Acoustic Planet – Nyári zápor (22 points)
  • Bogi Nagy  – Holnap (16 points)
  • The Middletonz – Roses (8 points)
  • Bence Vavra  – Szótlanság (20 points)
  • Gergő Szekér – Madár, repülj! (12 points)
  • Gergő Oláh – Hozzád bújnék (0 points)
  • Fatal Error – Kulcs (8 points)
  • Joci Pápai  – Az én apám (26 points)

00 - Hungary 2019 (ADal, Eurovision)

You can Listen to the Songs HERE 

Joci Pápai represented Hungary 2 years ago in Kyiv 2017 singing “Origo” finishing in 8th place in the final.

In 2019 Hungary allocated in the first half of semi-final 1 on May 14th, 2019

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