Vidbir Acts MARUV and TAYANNA Staring the Ukranian “Dancing with the Stars” New Season

“Танці з зірками” The Ukranian version of “Dancing with the stars” started its 6th season this week. Among this season cast, stars 2 former Eurovision national final artists MARUV and TAYANNA well remembered for their Drama in 2019 NF season.


As we all remember MARUV won this year “Vidbir” with “Siren song” but didn’t go to Eurovision as for disagreements with the Ukranian broadcast regarding her career in Russia that led the country withdrawn from Eurovision 2019.

MARUV joined dancer JAY Dimitry for the season and here is their first performance on the dancefloor, this week to the sexy “”Rockstar” by Post Malon feat. 21 Savage. BANG!


2019-08-26_1131.pngTAYANNA performed twice in “vidbir“. In 2017 her song “”I love you” she came in a tie with “O.Torvald” represented Ukraine that year. a year after her song “Lelya” came second in the competition almost made it to Lisbon.  TAYANNA was supposed to perform in Vidbir 2019 too but decided to withdraw from the contest just before it started a step that actually opened a spot for MARUV to enter the competition in the first place.

Now we finally have a chance to enjoy more of TAYANNA‘s talent as she joins the dancer Igor Kuzmenko for this season of “Танці з зірками”



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