What Will Happen In Eurovision Between 2020-2050? One Danish Fan Convinced He Remembers All The Answers

Who’s gonna win Eurovision 2020? Will Ireland still have the most victories in 2050? What year will Israel host the show again? Rotterdam or Maastricht? Danish Fan Christian Nielsen appears to have all the answers.

Among the million pieces of information posted in the social media daily,  there was one post that succeeded to shock almost every Eurovision fan ran into it.

Danish Eurovision fan Christian Nielsen wrote in one of the biggest Eurovision Facebook groups a post saying: “Hello I’m from 2050 ask me anything about Eurovision between 2020 and 2050“.


In the beginning, many readers post some question marks and didn’t really understand what Christian is talking about, but as long as people started to ask direct questions that were answered immediately, a storm of questions flooded the post trying do dig as much information as possible about the next 30 years of the contest from Christian’s past “memories”.  Christian receives questions from fans all over the world and it was fascinating to see these puzzle pieces coming together into a flashforward snapshot of how the contest will look like in the future.

So what is waiting for us in 2020?

Christian answered that the song contest will take place in Rotterdam. for that question we don’t need to wait long as the truth will be revealed this Friday (8/30) when the EBU and NPO will officially announce the host city in a live broadcast.  He also predicts that 2020 winning country already won the contest once but decided not to reveal the country’s name and leave it as a surprise. we can assume that one of these countries will be an optional winner: Azerbaijan, Portugal, Russia, Finland, Estonia Latvia, Belgium, Serbia, and Greece.

Like every year, There is no Eurovision without a Drama. according to Christian 2020 “Drama of the year” belongs to Ireland. He adds that Lithuania Will be represented by a male singer again, Poland will be represented by a duo, and that the UK and Croatia will score well this year.

Years 2020 – 2050

Whether you believe it or not, Christian sounds very convinced in his predictions even though he admits his memory from the past is not perfect. that is the reason why he’s not sure if Malta, for example, won in 2036 or 2037.  on top of that, there are pieces of information he’s super convinced about like the 4 countries that will join the contest in the future (Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Scotland & Faroe Islands), Turkey’s return in 2023, and Sweden joins the big 5 (instead of Germany) even though they will have no more victories until 2050.

We have mapped for you all the Christian’s answers into one datasheet so you can have a quick organized look on what’s ahead:



It is still not clear if this post is a joke or if Christian truly channeling from another dimension but one thing is for sure: 30 more years of celebrating diversity with a lot of good music is just around the corner so all we have left to do is just enjoy the moment and check this out in 3 decades from now.

like Ripley’s is saying: Do you believe it or not?


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