Ana Soklič Will Represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2020 With The Song “Voda”

A few minutes ago, “EMA 2020” (The Slovenian national selection for Eurovision 2020) came to an end.
12 artists competed for representing Slovenia in Eurovision 2020.
The line-up included the acts:

01 – Simon Vadnjal – Nisi Sam
02 – Saška – Še Kar Lovim Tvoj Nasmeh
03 – Gaja Prestor – Verjamem Vase
04 – Ana Soklič – Voda
05 – Inmate – The Salt
06 – Manca Berlec – Večnost
07 – Tinkara Kovač – Forever
08 – Božidar Wolfand Wolf – Maybe Someday
09 – Parvani Violet – Cupid
10 – Klara Jazbec – Stop The World
11 – Imset – Femme Fatale
12 – Lina Kuduzović – Man Like U

In the first round, all the participants performed.

In the second round, the Top 2 artists from the first round competed.
The top 2 were:

Ana Soklič – Voda
Lina Kuduzović – Man Like U
Ana Soklič got the majority of voters from the public (53.54%)

Ana Soklič3
Therefore Slovenia will be represented by Ana Soklič in Eurovision 2020.
She will perform the song “Voda



Slovenia will participate in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2020 that will be held on Tuesday the 12ht of May 2020.
The country was allocated to perform in the first half of the show.

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