Russia: It’s Sofia Feskova For Junior Eurovision 2020

The next country to held it national selection for the upcoming junior festival is Russia who held tonight its national final.

More than a 100 applications were received for the honor to represent the country in Warsaw. earlier this week the Russian broadcast has announced the The 11 finalists chosen through Igor Krutoy‘s auditions and open its online voting process that affected 50% of tonight’s decision

  1. Sоfiya Tumanоva – Bolshe Sveta
  2. Sоfiya Feskоva – Moy Noviy Den
  3. Sergey Filin & Verоnika Litоvchenkо – V Trendah TikTоk
  4. Аrtem Fоkin – Vozmi Moyu Ruku
  5. Sоfiya Shkyopu – Alise
  6. Аrseniy Slesarev – Chto Ty Nadelala, Baby
  7. Rutger Garekht – Doroga – Moya Sudba
  8. LitlZ – Pervaya Ljubov
  9. Sоfiya Kirsenkо – Prosto Zhit
  10. Аrtem Mоrоzоv – Leti
  11. Genysh – Nastrоenie Panda

The live show took place in a the concert hall with no audience presence due to the strict COVID-19 restrictions. the show was ended as 11 year-old Sofia Feskova  and her entry “Мой новый день” (Eng: My New Day) were announced as the winner. passing the trophy a Sofia were last year Russia representative Denberel Oorzhak and Tatyana Mezhentseva. “The meaning of the song is that one should never give up, keep going and fill every day with generosity and happiness” Sofia said. and adds wen asked for her reaction after the victory “I’m very happy! I couldn’t even think that this would ever happen and I’d become a finalist. I had worthy and strong competitors. It is an important moment ahead for me to represent Russia.”


Russia already have won the contest twice since she debut the young contest in 2005. the last time they took the first place was in 2017 when Polina Bogusevich spread her “Wings” in Tbilisi.

The 18th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will stay in Poland as of last winner’s winner Viki Gabor. there 13 countries will #MoveTheWorld on the night of November 29th where a new star will be born. this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to keep the artists and delegations safe, the acts will be pre-recorded on a local studio in each country together with an online voting making its comeback!

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