Finland:UMK 2021 national selection artists and song titles have been revealed

The Finish broadcaster YLE have been revealed the 7 acts who will particpate in UMK 2021
Here are the 7 acts of ‘UMK 2021’


Ilta is a 22 year old Finnish-German singer and songwriter who have became know after being fetured in singer’s Cheek song in ‘Sillat’ in 2015.
In start of year 2016, Ilta got contract with Warner Music Finland and released covers of Adele’s songs ‘All I Ask’ and ‘River Lea’.Her first own single ‘Kokkuun’ was released in July 2017.
In the spring of 2019 Ilta particpated in fifth season of Tähdet (Finnish reality show)

Ilta is perfoming ‘Kelle ma soitan’ and set to be published and can be listen now.

Laura Poldvere

Laura Poldvere started her Eurovison journey in 2005 when she participated in Eurolaul (older version of Eesti Laul) with the song ‘Moonwalk’ and came 2nd that year, but meanwhile she won the contest with being member of girl group Suntribe. Suntribe represented Estonia in the Eurovison Song Contest 2005 but failed to qualify in final.
Laura returned to ‘Eurolaul 2007’ with the song called ‘Sunflowers’ and this time came third. In 2009 she returned after 1 year absence to Eesti Laul as a solo singer and her entry was called ‘Destiny’ and came third. After 7 long absence from trying her luck again she returned in Eesti Laul 2016 with song called ‘Supersonic’ and came 2nd in superfinal. Year later she tried her luck as duet with Koit Tomme with the song ‘Verona’ and finally won the selection. They represented Estonia that year and they didn’t qualify to final. Laura returned to Eesti Laul in 2020 with song ‘Break Me’ reaching the final she finished 11th out of 12 entries.
In 2021 she was part jury to select 24 acts among all the submissions. Same year she is trying her luck in finish selection UMK 2021.

Laura entry ‘Play’ is 4th entry for UMK 2021,and it set to be released and you can listen to now.


Oskr aka Oskari Ruohonen is a singer-songwriter from Turku, he is mostly recognized by bands like in ‘Journalist’ and ‘Trafic Island’. Talented multi-instrumentalist grew up in a musical family. He has writen, played and produced his songs on his own and with his brother in Finnish and in English.

Oskr entry “Lie” is the first song to be released and can be listen to right now

Teflon Brothers x Pandora

Teflon Brothers is hip hop and rap group from Helsinki,Finland and band consits of Pyhimys,Keikki Kuula and Voli.
Teflon Brothers released single ‘Matkal kotiin’ in 2006.The second album ‘©’ was released in August 2010 was peaking at number 26 on the albums chart. In January 2013,the group reached Official Finnish Singles Chart and peaked number three.
In 2014 their single ‘Kendo Anthem’ reached number three on the singles chart and was quickly fallowed by their number one single ‘Maradona (kesä ’86)’ and both are included on their fourth album ‘Isänpäivä’.

Pandora is a Swedish Eurodance artist, she was most popular during the mid-1990’s in the Nordic countries in Asia and Australia in the end of 1990’s to mid 2000s but still active and releasing music.In 2003 Pandora competed in the Melodifestivalen 2003 with the song called ‘You’, song failed to make the past the heats. Pandora tried her luck again in 2004 with the song called ‘Runaway’ but also failed to past the heats.
In Spring 2020, Pandora particpated in the Finnish version of the TV show ‘Masked Singer’ as the Peacock.

Teflon Brothers x Pandora entry ‘I Love You’ and to be released and can be listen to right now.

Aksel Kankaanranta

Aksel Kankaanranta supposed to represent Finland in Eurovison Song Contest 2020 after winning UMK 2020 with the song called ‘Looking Back’.On 18th of March EBU annouced that Eurovison will be canceled due to Coronavirus pandemic.Later that month the Finnish national broadcaster Yle annouced they would not internally select Aksel and he would have to participate in UMK 2021. In episode of ‘Eurovison Home Concerts’ Kankaanranta confirmed that he would audition for the 2021 edition of the national selection.

Aksel will sing ‘Hurt’ and will be released on 20th of January.


Danny is Finnish percussion singer and music advisor. Danny career began in 1964 as vocal soloist with band called ‘The Islanders’ and the breakthrough hit was ‘East Virginia’. After army, Danny solo career began with the hits called ‘Piilopaikka’ and ‘Kauan’.He participated in the Finnish national selection 1966 ‘Euroviisut’ with the song called ‘Pieni sana’ which was not successful.The fallowing year,Danny was invited as one of soloists to the selection with songs called ‘Keskiyöllä’ and ‘Sua kutsun, Maarit’. Danny also particpated in selection in 1973 with song called ‘Galileo Galilei’ and 1975 with ‘Seikkailija’ which came 2nd place.
Danny is also ex-husband to Erika Vikman who was fan favourite in UMK 2020.

Danny sings ‘Sina paiwana kun kaikki rakastaa mua’ and its been released and can be listened right now.

Blind Channel

Blind Channel is a band from Oulu, Finland. It was set up in 2013. The band plays violent pop, which is heavy music, with pop elements, blinkers and lighter songs.
The band first appeared to the public in 2013 in their hometown of Oulu. In March 2016, the band signed a keynote deal with German Dragon Productions.
The band released their Save Me debut book in 2013. In October 2014, it published a four-track EP. In October 2015, the band announced that they had gone to the studio to record their debut album. In February it reported that it had completed the recordings. The album’s first single “Unforgivenin” released in June 2015. Blind Channel was selected in June 2016 as a Canadian band Simple Plan for four gigs held in Finland and all the Baltic countries. In spring 2017 Blind Channel also warmed Amaranthe with seven Finnish gigs. The band has been inspired by Enter Shikaria, 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park.
Blind Channel has already reclaimed the expectations as one of the most promising music export artists from Finland. One of the biggest Finnish radio stations YleX described the band as “the most lupine & craving band in Finland.”
Their career started out successfully. Blind Channel won two big band contests and impressed audiences around Europe with their extremely energetic live show. A few repercussions of that were a recording contract with Ranka Kustannus and hundreds of club and festival shows all over the world (Wacken Open Air (GER), Sziget Festival (HU) to mention a couple). After successful tours in Europe with bands like Simple Plan (CAN), Amaranthe (SWE) and Enter Shikari (UK) their debut album ‘Revolutions’ gained praised reviews from both the audiences and the media. Not later than that did Blind Channel establish their place in the front-lines of the new Finnish rock invasion.
Blind Channel is done recording their long anticipated second album produced by an acclaimed Finnish producer Jonas Olsson.
“We’ve never been this firm and confident during our career and we can tell you that this album will totally be worth the wait!”
The earworm ‘Sharks Love Blood’ was released a few months ago and it got tens of thousands of streams and air plays on the biggest radio stations in Finland.
Blind Channel album number two will be released worldwide in the beginning of 2018.

Blind Channel is perfoming song called ‘Dark Side’ and its been released and can be listen now.

The songs will be published daily basis (one song per day) on the fallowing dates:

14th of January (Thursday): Oskr – Lie
15th of January (Friday): Teflon Brothers x Pandora – I Love You
18th of January (Monday): Danny – Sina paiwana kun kaikki rakastaa mua
19th of January (Tuesday): Laura – Play
20th of January (Wednesday): Aksel – Hurt
21st of January (Thursday) :Blind Channel – Dark Side
22nd of January (Friday): Ilta – Kelle ma soitan

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