Eurovision 2021 Grand Final Prediction

The day of truth is close: On 22nd of May 2021, at 21:00 CET we will have the chance to watch the grand final of Eurovision 2021.
26 countries qualified for the final and will perform in the show in the following running order:

In this post, I will try to build a prediction of Eurovision 2021 grand final results.
This post isn’t about personal ranking. Of course, we will share our full respect for each act at Eurovision 2021.

Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo

Cyprus brought us a pop-hit this year that can definitely be heard at parties, digital platforms and more. Elena is a good vocalist.
The staging concept is successful, there is a wise use of led, the dancers give energy that you can’t deny. It seems that Cyprus is in the right direction (even though some fans criticized the originality of the song). I can see both jury and the public go after the song.
However, I don’t think the vocal performance was brilliant. Performing in the 1st spot is an honor, but at the same time such a heavy burden to carry – you have to be really good so voters will remember you at the end of the show.
Prediction: 11-15

Anxhela Peristeri – Karma

Albania brought this year an ethnic ballad that relied on Balkan foundations. Anxhela is an excellent singer. She is charismatic and even though the majority of us won’t be able to understand the lyrics, they will know she is a storyteller. The staging is one of the surprising ones this year – there is a digital smoke shape (in red, blue, light blue, and turquoise colors) that moves behind her, synced with her dance movements. She is alone on stage, but her beauty, voice, and charisma will fill the arena.
As always, I believe Albania will get less than they deserve, but being in the grand final is already an achievement.
Prediction: 16-21 (probably 17 as in 2008,2009,2015 and 2019)

Eden Alene – Set Me Free

It’s a dance-pop song with influences of soul music. One of the strengths of the song is Eden herself.
Eden appeared on stage in a white dress with black and silver decorations. She is accompanied by 5 male dancers that dance in a modern style. The energy on stage was really good, vocally it was really good (and I believe it can be excellent). I’m not sure if the choreography is sharp enough, but you can’t skip the song as Eden is impressive as a performer (not only vocalists).
Personally, it’s one of the songs I like to hear again and again. I’m not sure about its popularity among Eurovision voters.
Prediction: 13-18

Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place 

It’s the one of the only dark and mysterious songs in that final that aren’t pure rock songs . I would have even called it a soft rock song.
The song shouts “quality and art”, and that isn’t a surprise when Hooverphonic is in charge.
I had a lot of fears before rehearsals, but I must confess that this time Belgium has done a wonderful job with staging. Geike gave an excellent vocal performance. The staging had dark vibes, but it remained accessible. I felt like watching a live concert.
In addition, I think the song has a strong jury appeal. So all we need here is a non-low score from the public vote and this is my only concern.
Prediciton: 17-22

Manizha – Russian Woman

Russia is represented by Manizha. It is a rap song with folklore-ethnic influences.
The song has a brave message: Manizha talks about the difficulties of being a Russian woman. She doesn\t hide any criticism of society, but at the same time, she is proud of herself.
It’s a women-empowerment song with cultural character.
Manizha is charismatic, she might not have the best voice in the semi-final but in this case, the other things are more important. The staging elevates the value of the song: there is an expression for the different nationalists in Russia, the led screen is being used wisely.
Even though I’m not a big fan of the song, I can see a lot of people will support it.
Russia may face 2 problems this year: the running order isn’t in her favor (it is too early and it is before Malta.
Prediction: 5-8

Destiny – Je Me Casse 

Malta was blessed to be represented by Destiny!  She was excellent vocally, the song has a great message of women-empowerment. However, I feel that something isn’t tight enough in the performance. She has the right energy, but sometimes she is a little bit stressed.
I feel that being 6th in the running order will probably reduce her chances of winning the whole thing.
On the other hand, let’s not forget that Malta usually does well with jury voting.
Prediction: 2-5

The Black Mamba – Love is on My Side

It’s a soul-jazz ballad. The lead singer of the band has a distinctively powerful voice.
It isn’t only a song, but a story. The different instruments in the melody give it a qualification of a concert.
It would be rude to say that this is the first time in years that Portugal has put effort into staging.
In the beginning, there is the black and white effect. Afterward, the black and white effect fades away and we see dark blue lights on LED screens. Later on, there is a golden screen with orchestra, hearts, city, and man walking across the street and during the animation. Vocally, it is identical to the studio version. I will put it as one of the jury favorites but I’m not sure about televoting.
Jury members usually appreciate professional musicians like Pedro Tatanka (the lead singer).
I can see a scenario where Portugal is on the left side of the table (jury voting only).
Prediction: 13-17.

Hurricane – Loco Loco 

It’s another 1980’s song, but with a lot of energy and happiness. The 3 girls were great vocally, especially Sanja. The performance is simple but effective: A lot of black and white shapes.
The lighting is red but it isn’t too dominant.
They dance, sing and deliver a lot of fun. The song is performed in a foreign language which elevates it for me. We were all able to see how much energy they brought to the stage. It will be one of the favorites for votes (not sure about the jury). I’m sure that all the ex-Yugoslavian countries (Slovenia, North Macedonia, Croatia) will support it as Serbia is the only ex-Yugoslavian country in the grand final.
Prediction: 8-14 (depends on the difference between jury and public vote.

James Newman – Embers 

It’s a funky house song. The song starts with a short instrumental section that’s composed of electronic keyboards and trumpets. On the stage, there are 2 giant white trumpets. James is standing on a black platform. There are 4 dancers with him, wearing white suits. The lighting is red and blue.
However, it seems to me that James struggled to perform it live. Vocally, he wasn’t on point.
Although the song is uplifting, the message hasn’t been delivered well.
Prediction: 22-26

Stefania – Last Dance 

It’s a dance-pop song with wide influences of 1980’s music. Staging’s concept is quite complicated: there is wide use of a green screen: sometimes the dancers disappear and appear through the screen. Stefania is accompanied by 4 male dancers who dancers wearing green pants, suits, and white hoodies. The vocal performance is excellent. The song is memorable, including the catchy dance beat of the chorus. It will impress people vocally and visually.
But at the same time, I must say that I’m not sure there is a connection between staging and the song itself.
Prediction: 7-12.

Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers

It’s a fragile but powerful ballad. It is always heart-warming to see Switzerland sending a song in a foreign language (this time French). Many viewers might have a criticism about staging which is modern and not the expected one. Gjon’s voice is one of the most impressive this year and I will definitely define him as the best male singer this year. There is something exciting and touching about the song that can’t be taken from it. During jury rehearsals, he took a risk and tried to sing on an even higher pitch than usual – it made his voice thinner. Some people claim the performance (especially staging) may hurt his chances of winning.
Prediction: 1-6

Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið – 10 Years 

It’s another song by Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið in the genre of Indie-dance with wide influences of the 1980’s music. The introduction is built on orchestra playing. The magic of the song is the performance itself – they are wearing a recognized outfit and make you feel like they are the geeks who will save the world. The theme of the staging is aliens that appear on the led screen.
I don’t see the song as a brilliant one but I can see it gets a lot of support. Performing remotely won’t affect the results as much.
Prediction: 5-10.

 Blas Cantó– Voy a quedarme   

Blas starts the song in acapella without musical accompaniment. He is wearing an elegant black outfit. The version presented to us on stage is slightly different from the studio version. It has a greater emphasis on quiet instruments. The tempo of the song is also slightly different. The stage itself is black, with a sort of star effect from the LED screen and a kind of gray moon, sometimes the stage is lit in blue. There is gray and blue smoke on the stage. Towards the end, he sounded a bit out of key on the highest note. Towards the end, the backing singers sing a kind of sound like “Ai Ai Ai”. He ends the exciting song with vocal improvisation. The staging looks really good, but I’m not sure it will be enough.
Prediction: 21-26

Natalia Gordienko – Sugar 

 It’s a midtempo dance-pop song. The video clip is perhaps one of the most memorable video clips of the year. She is wearing a tiny shiny dress and is accompanied by 4 male dancers wearing black outfits while showing their chests. It is based on pink neon lights and 3 dimensions pink net that is shown on the led screen.
However, 2 things made me re-evaluate it and decreased the chances of the song:
First of all, Natalia wasn’t good enough vocally. In the beginning, she hesitated and tried to whisper with passion, the long and high notes were her main challenge. We were able to see her trying to sing the long note in the end without success. She gets help from a pre-recorded female backing vocalist, but it didn’t save it. Second of all, the staging was too simple and had nothing to do with the video clip. Personally, I think this act is one of the weakest in the running. I can see the jury members mocking it down.
Prediction: 21-26.

Jendrik Sigwart – I Don’t Feel Hate 

It’s a pop-folk song with influences of 1950-1960 music. The song starts with Ukele playing, the production of this part is acoustic so the main components are the singer’s voice and the Ukelele itself. After that, the singer sings while being accompanied by backing vocalists and whistling.
The staging has a nice concept. However, Jendrik struggled to sing while running, dancing, and walking at the same time: sometimes, he was out of breath. I believe it will have some public votes, but it has the potential to be low with jury voting.
What happens when children’s music enters Eurovision? Tonight we will find out the answer.
Prediciton: 22-26.

It’s neo-metal (with influences of violent pop). This is the rock song we have all been waiting for (or at least rock fans among us). The lead singers have done a wonderful job: They are energetic, charismatic, and interesting. The staging is similar to the one we saw in the national final
UMK 2021″ – A lot of blue and red lights, while the band members wearing black. I must praise the camera work here. It’s an example of why Finland should send rock songs.
Finland‘s biggest competitor will be another rock song in the grand final: Italy.
Prediction: 6-11.

Victoria Georgieva – Growing Up is Getting Old

It’s a personal ballad with a universal message. Victoria is emotional and performs it flawlessly.
Victoria starts by sitting on the platform, with the sand brown dust appearing and sand raining from the top like the sand-clock, any visuals that will make us feel that time really runs fast as we swim the ocean called life. For sure, it will be one of the most recognizable stages of the evening.
There is something simple but wise in that act. It was of the ballad that will touch you in the deepest places in your soul and heart. I believe it will have public appeal, as well as jury appeal.
Prediction: 5-10

THE ROOP – Discoteque 

The song is catchy and uplifting. They will stand out among others with yellow clothes, memorable dance movements, and more. The live performance at Eurovision will be similar to the one from the national final, but visually it is even better (especially the use of led screen).
Nevertheless, I feel that in jury rehearsal, it was weaker vocally.
I believe that Lithuania has one of the least attractive spots in the running order: between Bulgaria and Ukraine (France is after them as well). Even though many put it as a Top 5 finisher, I can see it ending in a lower place.
Prediction: 11-15

Go_A – Shum (ШУМ)  

With a spectacular white voice, superb staging, and a lot of uniqueness, Ukraine will end up in a high place.  Kateryna is wearing a long black dress with green ”moss” shoulder pads while other band members and 2 male dancers are wearing a white and black uniform. The stage has an imitation of the white forest while Led screens during the first part of the song there is an imitation of sun and light of the white square houses. Then the chorus parts are in black and white shadows, during the first chorus the screens were digital patterns, and on the last chorus, we see holographic robotic people running.
Prediction: 4-9, or even 5-8.

Barbara Pravi – Voilà 

I would have called it: the magic of simplicity. Overall it conveys a simplicity that is often lacking in the contest. Barbara was wearing a black outfit, with the top semi-transparent. Quite similar to a national selection performance, including virtual bird flight after the first chorus. The lighting is grey/white/light blue, sometimes just a modest circle of lighting around Barbara. The show ends with massive camera movements that connect to the drama in the song and stars around her on LED floors.
The performance is cinematic and people will be touched by this magic.
Prediction: 1-5

Samira Efendi – Mata Hari 

It’s the only ethnic-pop song in the running. Many viewers had some criticism about the lack of dance movements in the performance. I believe that led screen effects and especially the good singing will be enough. The song is energetic and being an ethnic-pop is an advantage.
In my opinion, the song will receive the majority of its support from the public vote.
The running order isn’t in her favor, after 2 strong songs.
Prediction: 13-17.

TIX – Fallen Angel 

Tix stands in a traditional stampede outfit with wings and a white headband with shiny chains chained to his arms and legs. In the first seconds, the staging flickers blue lights and opens up to the entire stage with dark blue lights. We see some smoke and ”fire ball” pyro. This staging is very similar to national selection staging but with a different background which is clouds with straight forward light blue lights. In the end, we see golden lights with golden backgrounds with some clouds.
For me, it sounded a little bit repetitive. Sometimes, the staging concept is too much and distracts the attention from TIX.
Prediction: 13-18.

Introduction of LED screens which imitate the cracking and then we see Jeangu and then each side of the female and male backup vocalists. Then the screen shows the widescreen of backup singers and Jeangu in the middle and on-screen we see ”You Can’t Break Me” in English and Surinamese. Jeangu wore a blue jacket and blue pants with leather straps around him.
The song has an important message, but for me, the performance was just too much.
Unfortunately, the intricacy from the clip was replaced by a lot of effort.
The song isn’t one that everyone will enjoy musically. I believe it will carry the curse of the host country.
Prediction: 20-26

 Måneskin – ZITTI E BUONI.

Maneskin’s lead singer introduces us on stage as the door opens. Lights from the ceiling are in the introduction and bright orange lights. On LED screens we see the shadows of each band during the chorus. The dominant colors were grey, white, red, and blue. The used prop was the platform where they went up to the guitarist. The singer walks down from the platform to finish the song. In the last chorus, we see the firewall pyro and the outfit of Damiano (singer) was wearing leather-like overalls without the shirt and leather pants
Vocally it is really good, the vibe is like a rock concert. I’m not sure it will be for everyone’s taste but for sure it will be liked not only by rock lovers.
Prediction : 1-5

Tusse – Voices

After many years, Sweden sends a ballad to Eurovision. The song has a unique message: it tells the story of refugees that want to be seen. The song calls on others to be aware of the refugees’ pain and difficulties. However, I found Tusse’s voice to lack power, and not always accurate.
We have to recall that Tusse had minor surgery on his vocal cords ahead of rehearsals.
I was disappointed with the vocal performance. I have nothing bad to say about the staging, but the use of flickering lights could have made us blind.
However, let’s not forget that Sweden is a powerhouse that almost always qualifies.
In my opinion, the song will receive the majority of the points from jury voting.
Prediction: 14-19 it won’t reach the top 10.

Senhit – Adrenalina 

Senhit put a lot of effort into her entry to San Marino this year! It’s a catchy and uplifting song.
The song is energetic, the staging has funny elements but it isn’t ridiculous.
 The stage is dark at first, there is a focus on the cover that Senhit stands behind it. A large object with thorns, in gold, on top of it there are circles with pictures (this time in Florida, originally there were pictures of Jesus and St. Mary). When the stage is lit, Senhit lies down on a rotating black caliper while the LED floor also displays a colored caliper moving in the opposite direction. Very colorful video art, we can find there: yellow, green, pink, white and more. LED screens usually display parts of the clip. 
Vocally, Senhit was on point (and to be honest that kind of song doesn’t require amazing vocal abilities). Flo Rida will join her on stage and together they will deliver. It could be a wonderful semi-final opening act. She has 4 dancers with her on stage and they do really well.
I am sure it will be the country’s best result to date. However, I can see it getting the majority of support from the public.
Prediction: 11-15.

Potential winners: France, Italy, Switzerland, Malta
Potential dark horses: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia
Potential countries to end lower than expected: Sweden, Norway, Lithuania.
Potential Bottom 5: Moldova, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain

Let’s wish good luck to all the contestants

You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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