10 Artists Have Already Been Confirmed To Represent Their Countries At Eurovision 2021

It has been only a week since the EBU announced the unprecedented cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision song contest.  As the world is still dealing with COVID-19 pandemic, 10 out of 41 acts of 2020 can have some ray of light as they already confirmed for 2021 by the local broadcasters of Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. all the artists are not allowed to use their 2020 entries and have to send a brand new song regarding the rules announced by the EBU.


Hakohav Haba Winner, Eden Alene, was informed during a live interview on the Israeli tv that she will represent Israel at Eurovision 2021.


The Dutch Broadcaster AVROTOS has announced that Jeangu Marcooy will be the Dutch representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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Het Eurovisie Songfestival, dat dit jaar plaats zou vinden in Rotterdam, is in verband met het Coronavirus afgelast. Natuurlijk is AVROTROS hierover erg teleurgesteld, helemaal omdat het Songfestival in 2020 juist voor Nederland een extra bijzonder jaar had moeten zijn. Uiteraard heeft AVROTROS het volste begrip voor de beslissing van de EBU, de gemeente Rotterdam en het projectteam bestaande uit NPO/NOS/AVROTROS. Dit is geen makkelijk besluit, maar helaas onvermijdelijk omdat de gezondheid te allen tijde voorop staat. Ook voor Jeangu Macrooy is dit een spannende periode geweest, maar hij begrijpt het besluit volledig. AVROTROS blijft achter onze Nederlandse inzending staan en zet graag in 2021 met nieuwe energie en veel passie de samenwerking met Jeangu voort. Samen staan we sterk! Verdere details over #TeamJeangu en het Eurovisie Songfestival 2021 zullen in een later stadium gedeeld worden. #ESC2020 #ESF2020 #Eurovision #Songfestival @omroep.avrotros @jeangu_macrooy Foto: @antoncorbijn4real

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The Spanish broadcaster RTVE invites Blas Cantó to represent the country in Eurovision 2021


Gjon’s Tears will be back to represent Switzerland in 2021


Victoria will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021.

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I am so proud to represent #Bulgaria at #Eurovision 2021! 🇧🇬 I am grateful to @eurovision.bg and @lignagroup for believing in me and giving me a second chance and to @icard.digital.wallet for supporting me! Congratulations to @blascanto_es, @gjon.s_tears, @efendi_music, @jeangu_macrooy, @stefania_, @hooverphonicoff, @go_a_band and @tornike_kipiani_official, who will also represent their countries at Eurovision 2021! I hope all other fellow 2020 artists will also be allowed by their broadcasters to have their time to shine on the Eurovision stage in 2021. Today is a bittersweet day – I can’t hide that the decision to not allow us to use our 2020 songs made me really sad. Tears Getting Sober is the first project where I had such a big role – from the songwriting to the concepts for the music video and the staging. Many people have invested endless hours in this project and we will all need some time to deal with this decision. On the bright side – I am looking forward to perform live around Europe soon and to meet you all! Can’t wait to share my new music with you through the spring and the summer and hopefully release my first EP in September! And don’t forget about my online concert on 28 March at 19 CET on eurovision.icard.com 🎤 Love you all, stay safe! #iCardEurovisionBG #OpenUp ——————————————————————— Photography by: @loramusheva 🖤

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Go_A band will represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2021

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Привіт, друзі! ⠀ Певне, ви вже бачили, що цьогоріч Євробачення скасовано через зрозумілі причини. ⠀ Але ми раді вам повідомити, що все ж таки представлятимемо Україну наступного року на Євробаченні 2021 року. ⠀ Телеканали UA: ПЕРШИЙ та СТБ 2021 року додатковий національний відбір не проводитимуть. Про це зазначено на офіційній сторінці Євробачення в Україні @suspilne.eurovision ⠀ Ми дуже вдячні кожному з вас за підтримку і шалені емоції, що ви нам подарували. За віру у себе і переможний дух. За те, що перевернули наш світ і стали уже такою близькою музичною родиною! ⠀ Бережіть себе та рідних, слідкуйте за здоров’ячком! А коли ситуація стабілізується – обов’язково зустрінемося на концертах та фестивальних майданчиках. ⠀ Любими вас! Ваші Go_A

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Stefania will represent Greece at Eurovision 2021


Hooverphonic band will represent Belgium with a new song at Eurovision 2021


Tornike Kipiani was confirmed at the Georgia representative for Eurovision 2021



Samira Efendi has confirmed as Azerbaijan representative for Eurovision 2021.


As some of the countries have decided to let their 2020 representative complete the Eurovision experience in full, some countries have decided not to give on its national selection for 2021 and keep the prise to represent the country in 2021 up for grabs.


The Mamas will not represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and the representative will be the winner of “Melodifestivalen 2021“.


Elisa won’t represent Portugal in 2021. the rumor began when Elisa replied to a fan on social media that there will be no internal selection in 2021. the info was then approved by the Eurovision sites in Portugal. Portugal will probably select its entry for 2021 through its famous mechanism “Festival da Canção”


Uku Suviste won’t represent Estonia at Eurovision 2020. The representative will be the winner of “Eesti Laul 2021“. Uku received a saved place among the 24 participants of “Eesti Laul 2021” and confirmed his participation.


Roxen will most probably represent Romania at Eurovision 2021.


DAMIR KEDZO will most probably represent Croatia at Eurovision 2021

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Eurovision je ostvarenje mog sna i jedva čekam stati i zapjevati na toj velikoj pozornici jednog dana. U normalnim uvjetima Eurovizija je veselje glazbe u kojem uživa Europa i veliki dio svijeta. Nastup u prosjeku gleda 180 milijuna ljudi koji uživaju u glazbi i različitosti glazbe i kulture i to je ljepota Eurovisiona . Uvjeti u kojima se trenutačno nazali svijet nisu ni veseli ni optimistični, zastrašujući su i prioritet je sačuvati zdravlje sebe , svojih bližnjih i svih ostalih ljudi oko nas. Zato pozdravljam odluku i jedva čekam završetak pandemije , a onda i nastup na Euroviziji 2021. u Rotterdamu. Volim vas. Čuvajte se. . . . Performing on Eurovision is a dream come true and I can't wait to stand and sing on that big stage one day. Under normal circumstances , Eurovision is a joy of music enjoyed by Europe and much of the world. The show is watched on average by 180 million people who enjoy music and , diversity of music , culture and that is the beauty of Eurovision. The conditions in which the world is currently are neither cheerful nor optimistic, they are daunting and it is a priority to preserve the health of ourselves , our loved ones and all the people around us. That is why I welcome the decision of cancellation and I cannot wait for the end of the pandemic and Eurovision 2021 performance in Rotterdam. Love you all. Take care

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Destiny will most probably represent Malta at Eurovision 2020.


As for now, it is still unknown how Australia will select its entry for Eurovision 2021. meanwhile, 2020 winner of “Australia decides” Montaigne shares what on her heart over the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 and her desire to represent the country in 2021.

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Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled. I’ve had my cry. I spent a couple of hours paralysed in bed, despondently scrolling through the many lovely tweet mentions from people expressing love and support. I imagine I’ll probably have a lot more cries in the next little while, for me and for the wonderful team who were working with me to make our vision come to life. But the truth is that cancelling #Eurovision this year is the most responsible and ethical decision that the EBU could have made. A decision they *have* to make. It is best that we all practice the measures that will stop COVID-19’s ravaging effects from going on any longer than they could. The team at Eurovision are still working through plans, as is SBS, so we will have more info to share soon. Thank you to @paulclarketv and everyone at @blinktvco and @sbs for making the process of devising a campaign for a Eurovision performance so easy and fun, for really listening to me and understanding who I am and wanting to figure out how to combine that with Eurovision. Thanks to Marko Panzic and Sasha Mutch who were an integral part of the second phase of staging, I wish we could have presented our ideas. Thank you to @WonderlickEntertainment who have always been there for me in more ways than one. Thank you to @SonyMusicAustralia and especially to @ollylbr for helping me through every overwhelming public moment and supporting me through everything. Thank you to my family, friends, and partner who have cradled me in the twinkle of their eyes. A tip of the hat to Eurovision fans who are so passionate, I know this is just as much of a loss for you as it is for me. And a final tip of the hat to the other Eurovision contestants this year who were working their butts off to make their dream come true. I’m sorry it turned out like this. I’m gonna try figure out how to make the best of this situation creatively, see if there’s something I can present to you, the fans, that will feel satisfying, or will feel anything like closure, or at least coping. I’ve got a lot of fucking time on my hands so. Let’s get to work.

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keep following, as more statements about to strike in the next coming days…


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