Around the Continent 2022 – Week 29

As we continue our weekly series Around The Continent, we will discuss the news and tell the story of each country’s preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.


Tuesday the 25th of January 2022, will be the say when we will find out which country will participate in which semi-final. EBU has assigned 36 semi-finals countries to 6 pots:

Each pot includes 6 countries. 3 of them will be allocated to semi-final 1 and the 3 remaining countries will be allocated to semi-final 2.
This makes each semi-final to include 18 counties (6 pots X 3 countries from each pot).
In addition, each country (in the semi-finals) will get an allocation for the first half (songs number 1-9) or the second half (songs number 10-18) of the semi-final which she will participate in.

Nevertheless, the Big 5 countries (Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the UK), will get a semi-final that they should broadcast and vote in.

The ceremony will be broadcast live from Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja, Turin at 12:00 CET. TV presenters Carolina di Domenico and Gabriele Corsi will host the ceremony.

The first details of the Eurovision 2022 staging revealed:

The stage will include 7 concentric platforms, with a linear sliding movement of 180 degrees in both directions, which will carry a central wall and 6 concentric arches for a diameter of 19 meters and a height of 9 and a half meters.
There is a plan to allocate LED walls with 2 meters height and an area of 630 square meters!

Eurovision 2022 slogan and logo – “The Sound of Beauty”

As time goes by, we get more details about “Australia Decides 2022“.
Selection will be held on Saturday, the 26th of February 2022.

  1. Andrew Lambrou
  2. Charley – I Suck At Being Lonely
  3. G-Nat!on
  4. Isaiah Firebrace Feat. ?
  5. Jaguar Jonze
  6. Jude York – I Won’t Need to Dream
  7. Paulini
  8. Seann Miley Moore – My Body
  9. Sheldon Riley – Not the Same
  10. Voyager Dreamer
  11. ? – TikTok Wildcard

As we’ve reported in previous weeks, the Austrian representative will be revealed soon.
According to reports from the Austrian and German media, it seems like the race is between:


DJ LUM!X Feat. Victoria Swarovski

The running order for “Dora 2022” performances will be broadcast live on monday, the 24th of January 2022.

Croatian media revealed more details about the selected songs:

  • Ella Orešković‘s perforamce will incldue dancers
  • Mia Negovetić will perform a ballad
  • Erik will perform an upbeat song
  • Toma will be more “braver” this year

Apparently, Cyprus’s songs and artists haven’t been selected yet.
Several songs have been submitted for the broadcaster.
This year, the broadcaster will pick a song and only then will match an artist to it.
According to EurovisionFun, there is one song that will probably be chosen.
It is a mid-tempo song with ethnic elements. The song was created by  the Greek-Swedish musician Alex P (who was behind “Fuego” as well) and Michalis Hatzigiannis (who represented Cyprus at Eurovision 1998)

The performer of the song will be one of the artists that releases music under Panik Records

The full running order for “Eesti Laul 2022″ semi-finals revealed:

Each semi-final will feature 10 artists, but only 5 of them will qualify for the final.

Semi-Final 1 (Thursday, 3rd of February 2022)

  1. ELYSA – Fire [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 4]
  2. Helen – Vaatu minu poole (Eng: Look at Me) [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 2]
  3. Andrei Zevakin feat. Grete Paia – Mis nüüd saab (Eng:What Now?) [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 2]
  4. Alabama Watchdog – Move On [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 3]
  5. Merilin Mälk – Little Girl [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 2]
  6. Stig Rästa – Interstellar [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 1]
  7. Triin Niitoja & Frants Tikerpuu – Laululind (Eng: Songbird) [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 2]
  8. Kaia-Liisa Kesler – Vaikus (Eng:Silence) [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 2]
  9. Elina Nechayeva – Remedy [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 3]
  10. Ott Lepland – Aovalguses (Eng: In The Light) [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 4]

Semi-Final 2 (Saturday, 5th of February 2022)

  1. Jyrise – Plaksuta (Eng: Claps) [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 2]
  2. Maian – Meeletu (Eng: Crazy) [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 1]
  3. Boamadu – Mitte kauaks (Eng: Not For Long) [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 1]
  4. Evelin Samuel – Waterfall [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 1]
  5. Black Velvet – Sandra [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 4]
  6. Púr Múdd & Shira – Golden Shore [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 4]
  7. Jaagup Tuisk – Kui Vaid (Eng: If Only) [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 1]
  8. Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany – What To Make Of This [Jury Qualifier, Quarter-Final 4]
  9.  Stefan – Hope [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 3]
  10. Anna Sahlene – Champion [Public Qualifier, Quarter-Final 3]

About the Selection Process

  • Each semi-final will have 2 rounds of voting.
  • The first round will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury vote.
  • The top 3-4 acts in the combined results will get a direct path for the final.
  • The remaining 6-7 acts will face a second round of voting that will be based on public voting only.
  • At the end of each semi-final, 5 artists will qualify for the final.

You can our full review of the songs here

7 songs from “UMK 2022” were released recently:

  1. Cyan Kicks – Hurricane
  2. BESS – Ram pam pam
  3. The Rasmus – Jezebel
  4. Younghearted – Sun numero
  5. Olivera – Thank God I’m an Atheist
  6. Tommi Läntinen – Elämä kantaa mua
  7. Isaac Sene – Kuuma jäbä

The full playlists can be found on the following different digital platforms:



Apple Music

UMK 2022” will be held on the 26th of February 2022

Very soon, we will find out who the competitors are in the French selection for Eurovision 2022 – “ Eurovision France, C’est Vous Qui Décidez 2022

Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the Head of the French Delegation for Eurovision, has teased us:

Meanwhile, the French media is about to boil with a sea of rumored artists. Here are some of them:

SaamIl est où?

Hélène in Paris

Jim BauerCrossroads

Léona Winter

Nika Paris Tranquille (Mon coeur) / No Limit

Billy RomanceDrama Queen

La Zarra

Germany will select an artsit and a song via a national selection – “Germany 12 Points“.

  • The selection will be held on Friday, the 4th of March 2022.
  • The host will be the German spokesperson Barbara Schöneberger
  • A total of 944 songs have been submitted for the selection
  • 5 artists will be shortlisted by the involved organizations.
  • The songs and participants will be gradually reveled starting on the 10th of February 2022.
  • The results will be determined by public voting (SMS, online and phone voting).
  • Online voting will be available from the 28th of February 2022

6 artists and their entries for the Irish selection “Eurosong 2022” revealed:

  1. Brendan Murray – Real Love
  2. Rachel Goode – I’m Loving Me
  3. Janet Grogan – Ashes of Yesterday
  4. Brooke Scullion That’s Rich
  5. Patrick O’Sullivan – One Night, One Kiss, One Promise
  6. Miles Graham – Yeah We’re Gonna Get out of It

You can read more aobut the artsits here:

The selection show will be held on Friday the 4th of February 2022.
The results will be determined by a combination of public votes, the national jury and international jury.

YouTube Playlist

Israeli broadcasters KAN & “Reshet 13” pubished the full dtails about the Israeli selection for Eurovision 2022.

X-Factor Israel” is used as the Israeli selection for Eurovision 2022.
At the moment, 6 semi-finalists claim the crown:

  1. Inbal Bibi (Girls team)
  2. Sapir Saban (Girls team)
  3. Eli Huli (Boys team)
  4. Michael Ben David (Boys team)
  5. Anna Stefanie (Girls team)
  6. Shahar Adawi (Boys team)

Next week, “Reshet 13” will broadcast the semi-finals of “X Factor Israel 2022“.
2 of the potential artists will be eliminated, just a step before the grand-final!

Therefore, 4 artists will compete in the grand final of “X Factor Israel 2022“.
Here’s the format and all the important dates!

  1. 30th of January 2022 – Song Revealing. 8 songs have been shortlisted by a professional committee. Each finalist will be matched with 2 songs.
  2. 3rd of February 2022 : “Hashir Shelanu La’Eurovision 2022” – Each finalist will perform his 2 potential songs. With a combination of 25% jury votes, 25% professional committees, and 50% public vote, each finalist will remain with only one song!
  3. 5th of February 2022 : “X-Factor Israel 2022” the grand final – Each finalist will perform his song for Eurovision. The results will be determined by 25% professional committees, and 50% public vote.

According to Israeli journalist Eran Swissa, one song was written by singer Dikla, while another was written by “Hakochav Haba” former participant Chen Aharoni.

The preparations for “Sanremo Festival 2022” continue.
Here is a quick look at the stage:

Local journalists had the chance to listen to the songs, and their ranking is:

In addition, we’ve received the list of covers / duets for the 4th night of th festival:

  1. Achille Lauro: Sei bellissima (Loredana Bertè) with Loredana Bertè
  2. Aka7even: Cambiare (Alex Baroni) with Arisa
  3. Ana Mena: medley with Rocco Hunt
  4. Dargen D’Amico: La bambola (Patty Pravo)
  5. Ditonellapiaga & Rettore: Nessuno mi può giudicare (Caterina Caselli)
  6. Elisa: What a feeling (Irene Cara, from the film “Flashdance”)
  7. Emma: Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) with Francesca Michielin
  8. Fabrizio Moro: Uomini Soli (Pooh)
  9. Gianni Morandi: Medley with Mousse T
  10. Giovanni Truppi: Nella mia ora di libertà (Fabrizio De Andrè) with Vinicio Capossela
  11. Highsnob & Hu: Mi sono innamorato di te (Luigi Tenco) with MrRain
  12. Iva Zanicchi: Canzone (Don Backy and Detto Mariano, in the version of Milva)
  13. Irama: La mia storia tra le dita (Gianluca Grignani) with Gianluca Grignani
  14. Giusi Ferreri: Io vivrò senza te (Lucio Battisti) with Andy of Bluevertigo
  15. La rappresentante di lista: Be My Baby (The Ronettes) with Cosmo, Margherita Vicario and Ginevra
  16. Mahmood & Blanco: Il cielo in una stanza (Gino Paolli)
  17. Massimo Ranieri: Anna verrà (Pino Daniele) with Nek
  18. Matteo Romano: Your song (Elton John) with Malika Ayane
  19. Michele Bravi: Io vorrei… non vorrei… ma se vuoi (Lucio Battisti)
  20. Noemi: (You make me feel like) a natural woman (Aretha Franklin)
  21. Rkomi: Medley of Vasco Rossi’s songs with Calibro 35
  22. Sangiovanni: A muso duro (Pierangelo Bertoli) with Fiorella Mannoia
  23. Tananai: A far l’amore comincia tu (Raffaella Carrà) with Rosa Chemical
  24. Vibrazioni: Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney) with Sophie and the Giants and Peppe Vessicchio
  25. Yuman: My Way (Frank Sinatra) with Rita Marcotulli

After a wild-card was given, we know all the 17 semi-finalsits in “Supernova 2022“:

  1. Aminata – I’m Letting You Go
  2. Beatrise Heislere – On the way home
  3. Bermudu Divstūris – Bad
  4. BUJĀNS – He, She, You & Me
  5. Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad
  6. Elīna Gluzunova – Es pabiju tur
  7. Inspo – A Happy Place
  8. KATŌ – Promises
  9. Linda Rušeniece – Pay My Own Bills
  10. Markus Riva – If You’re Gonna Love Me
  11. Mēs Jūs Mīlam – Rich Itch
  12. Miks Dukurs – First Love
  13. Patriks Peterson – Can’t Get You Outta My Head
  14. RAUM – Plans
  15. The COCO’NUTS – In and out of the dark
  16. Zelma – How
  17. Miks Galvanovskis – I’m Just A Sinner

Aminata has stated that the revamped version of the song will be released on Wednesday, 26th of January 2022:

YouTube Playlist

You can read our full review of the songs here

The hosts of “Supernova 2022” will be Ketija Šēnberga and Lauris Reiniks:

On Saturday night, LRT will broadcast the 3rd and last heat in “Pabandom iš Naujo 2022

The qualifications for last week’s heat are:

  1. Ieva Zasimauskaitė I’ll be there (1st place)
  2. JusJustė Kraujelytė – How To Get My Life Back (2nd place)
  3. Titas and Benas Getting Through This (3rd place)
  4. Queens of Roses  Washing machine (4th place)
  5. Moosu X – Love That Hurts (5th place)
  6. Emilija Katauskaitė – Illuminate (6th place)

22 entries from “MESC 2022” were released

YouTube Playlist

According to Vitalie Cojocaru – the head of the Moldovan delegation, the majority of the submitted songs for ”Finala națională 2022” came from abroad.
The deadline will close on the 24th of January 2022.
The selection will be held in 2 phases, Submitted entries will be reviewed between 25th January 2022 till 28th January 2022 and live auditions will be held on 29th January 2022. TRM will hold the selection on the 5th of March 2022.

The national broadcaster received a total of 47 entries this year.
6 of them were selected by a professional committee to participate in the national selection:

  1. Kalina Velkovska [Kaly] – Love and Light
  2. Yon Idy – Dreams
  3. Lara Ivanova – Flower of Sorrow
  4. Viktor Apostolovski – Superman
  5. Andrea Koevska – Circles
  6. Boris Cvetanovski – Flying to Berlin

The songs will be released next Friday, the 28th of January 2022.
They will be presented to the public on the show “Squeeze Play” at 22:00 local time.
Online voting will be open for a period of 7 days (until the 4th of February 2022).
The results will be determined by a comniation of 50% internationl jury and 50% public vote.
Therefore, the North Macedonian artist and entry will be known on Friday, the 4th of February 2022!

This Saturday, NRK will hold the 2nd semi-final of “Melodi Grand Prix 2022″.
4 artists will compete for 1 spot in the final:

4 of them will compete in 2 duels:

Duel 1 Steffen Jakobsen – “With Me Tonight” VS Lilly Löwe – “Bad Baby

Duel 2Daniel Lukas – “Kvelertak” (Suffocating) VS Farida – “Dangerous

The winners of the duels will face another duel. The winner of the 3rd duel will get the path for the final.

You can read our review of semi-final 2 songs here

In addition, we will watch the live performance of one of the pre-qualifiers:

Christian Ingebrigtsen – “Wonder of the World”.

Annika Momrak, one of the 3 “Melodi Grand Prix 2022″ hosts, will be absent from this semi-final due to testing positive for covid-19

Last week, it was Frode who won semi-final 1 and got a ticket for the final

The full line-up and songs for “Festival da Canção 2022” revealed:

Semi-Final 1 – 5th of March 2022

  1. Aurea – Why?
  2. Fado Bicha – ​​Povo pequenino
  3. FF – Como É Bom Esperar Alguém
  4. Diana Castro – Ginger Ale
  5. Kumpania Algazarra – A Minha Praia
  6. MARO – saudade, saudade
  7. Norton – Hope 
  8. TheMisterDriver – Calisun 
  9. Os Quatro E Meia – Amanhã
  10. Valas & Os Astronautas – Odisseia

Semi-Final 2 – 7th of March 2022

  1. Milhanas – Corpo de Mulher
  2. Blacci – Mar No Fim 
  3. Cubita – Uma Mensagem Tua 
  4. Pongo e Tristany – DÉGRÁ.DÊ 
  5. Jonas – Pontas Soltas 
  6. Os Azeitonas  Solta a Voz e Canta
  7. Inês Homem de Melo – Fome de Viagem
  8. Pepperoni Passion – Código 30
  9. O Vampiro Submarino – Ao Lado de Mim
  10. SYRO – Ainda nos Temos 

Grand Final – 12th of March 2022

The hosts are:

  •  Sónia Araújo + Jorge Gabriel [Semi-Final 1]
  • Tânia Ribas de Oliveira + José Carlos Malato [Semi-Final 2]
  • Filomena Cautela + Vasco Palmeirim [Final]
  • Inês Lopes Gonçalves [Green Room]

Each semi-final will feature 10 artists – 5 of them will qualify for the final.
The results will be determnied by 50% national jury and 50% public vote.

The full details about “Una Voce Per San Marino 2022” revealed

Shows and Dates

  1. Sunday, 13th of February: Semi-Final 1 – Emerging Artists
  2. Monday, 14th of February: Semi-Final 2 – Emerging Artists
  3. Tuesday, 15th of February: Semi-Final 3 – Emerging Artists
  4. Wednesday, 16th of February: Semi-Final 4 – Sammarinese Artists
  5. Thursday, 17th of February: Second Chance
  6. Friday, 18th of February: Emerging Artists Final
  7. Saturday, 19th of February: Grand Final

Semi-Final 1-3 Format

  • 20 foerign emerging artists will compete in each of the first 3 semi-finals.
  • The top 3 artists will qualify for the emerging artists final
  • The results will be determinned by a professional jury consisting of 7 members

Semi-Final 4 Format

  • 6 merging artists from San-Marino will compete in this semi-final.
  • The top 3 artists will qualify for the emerging artists final
  • The results will be determinned by a professional jury consisting of 7 members.

Second Chance

Artists who finish in places 4-8 in one of the first 3 semi-finals will get a second chance.|
These 15 artists will fight for 4 additional spots in the emerging artists final. The top 3 artists will qualify for the emerging artists final
The results will be determinned by a professional jury consisting of 7 members.

(Teatro Titano, City of San Marino – venue for first 6 shows)

Emerging Artists Final

The show will include 16 artists: 12 semi-final qualifiers (3 qualifiers from 4 semi-finals) and 4 wild card winners from the second chance round.
9 out of these 16 artists, will get a spot in the grand final.

“Una Voce Per San Marino 2022” – Final

The final will feature 18 artists: 9 established artists that have received a special invitation from the broadcaster and 9 emerging artists from the previous rounds.
A jury panel of 5 members will determine the winner.

Emerging Artists Participants

60 Non-Sammarinese Artists (Semi-Finals 1-3)

  1. Aaron Sibley (United Kingdom) – participated in Moldovan selection in 2018
  2. Alessandra Simone (Italy 🇮🇹)
  3. Alessia Labate (Italy 🇮🇹)
  4. Alice Burani (Italy 🇮🇹)
  5. Allerija (Italy 🇮🇹)
  6. Anna Faragò (Italy 🇮🇹)
  7. ASHLEY (Italy 🇮🇹)
  8. Brenda (Italy 🇮🇹)
  9. Camille Cabaltera (Italy 🇮🇹)
  10. Corinna Parodi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  11. Daniel Mincone (Italy 🇮🇹)
  12. Daniela Pisciotta (Italy 🇮🇹)
  13. Davide Rossi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  14. Diego Federico (Austria 🇦🇹)
  15. Elena & Francesco Faggi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  16. Elisa Del Prete (Italy 🇮🇹)
  17. Eliska Mrázová (Czech Republic 🇨🇿) – participated in the Czech selection in 2020 and 2022.
  18. Ellynora (Italy 🇮🇹)
  19. Florent Amare (France 🇫🇷)
  20. Frio (Italy 🇮🇹)
  21. Giada Varaschin (Italy 🇮🇹)
  22. Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F (United Kingdom 🇬🇧)
  23. Gisele Abramoff (Brazil 🇧🇷)
  24. I Koko (Italy 🇮🇹)
  25. Jessica Anne Condon (United Kingdom 🇬🇧)
  26. João Paulo & Miguel (Portugal 🇵🇹)
  27. Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper (Italy 🇮🇹)
  28. Katrin Roselli (Italy 🇮🇹)
  29. Kimberly Genil (Italy 🇮🇹)
  30. Kumi Watanabe (Italy 🇮🇹)
  31. Kurt Cassar (Malta 🇲🇹)
  32. Le Bebae (Italy 🇮🇹)
  33. Leonardo Frezzotti (Italy 🇮🇹)
  34. Lorenza Rocchiccioli (Italy 🇮🇹)
  35. Luca Cima (Italy 🇮🇹)
  36. Luca Veneri (Italy 🇮🇹)
  37. Luci Blu (Italy 🇮🇹)
  38. Mad (Italy 🇮🇹)
  39. Marco Saltari (Italy 🇮🇹)
  40. Maria Chiara Leoni (Italy 🇮🇹)
  41. Martina Gaetano (Italy 🇮🇹)
  42. Mate (Italy 🇮🇹)
  43. Matilde Montanari (Italy 🇮🇹)
  44. Matteo Giannaccini Gravante (Italy 🇮🇹)
  45. Muriel (Italy 🇮🇹)
  46. Nada e Sissi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  47. OnlySara (Italy 🇮🇹)
  48. Operapop (Italy 🇮🇹)
  49. OXA (Clayton) Sia (Germany 🇩🇪)
  50. Raimondo Cataldo (Italy 🇮🇹)
  51. Riccardo Foresi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  52. Riccardo Guglielmi (Italy 🇮🇹)
  53. Sebastian Schimdt (Germany 🇩🇪)
  54. Snei Ap (Italy 🇮🇹)
  55. Thomas Grazioso (Italy 🇮🇹)
  56. Tothem (Italy 🇮🇹)
  57. Valentina Tioli (Italy 🇮🇹)
  58. Vanja Vatle (Norway 🇳🇴)
  59. Veronica Liberati (Italy 🇮🇹)
  60. Vina Rose (Italy 🇮🇹)

6 Sammarinee Artists (Semi-Final 4)

  1. Alibi (San Marino 🇸🇲)
  2. Elisa Mazza (San Marino 🇸🇲)
  3. Garon x Duan (San Marino 🇸🇲)
  4. Giada Pintori (San Marino 🇸🇲)
  5. Ginevra Bencivenga (San Marino 🇸🇲)
  6. Giulia Vitri (San Marino 🇸🇲)

One change was made in the line-up of “Pesma za Evroviziju 2022“:
Stefan Zdravković has given up on participating in the “Song for Eurovision 22” festival, and the composition whose author is Leontina Vukomanović will be performed by Tijana Dapčević.
Tijana represented North Macedonia at Eurovision 2014

Here’s a sneak to the “Benidorm Fest 2022” stage:

RTVE publishes full guide to the way results will be determined

Benidorm Fest 2022” Semi-Finals Voting System

  1. 7 artists will participate in each-semi final, 4 of them will qualify for the final.
  2. The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury vote
  3. The jury will include 3 Spanish and 2 international members
  4. Each juror will grant 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,10 ,12 points to the songs.
  5. This makes the jury vote to be equal to 54X5 = 270 points.
  6. Public voting will be divided into 2 subgroups: Demoscopic jury and SMS.
  7. Demoscopic jury, those are 350 people from the Spanish public that are from different regions in Spain. They will grant the songs (by mutual ranking): 30, 25, 20 ,18, 15, 12, 10, 5 points.
  8. SMS – The songs will get 30, 25, 20 ,18, 15, 12, 10, 5 points by the total ranking.
  9. This makes the public vote to be equal to 135X2 = 270 points.

Benidorm Fest 2022” Finals Voting System

  1. 8 artists will participate in each-semi final
  2. The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury vote
  3. The jury will include 3 Spanish and 2 international members
  4. Each juror will grant 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,10 ,12 points to the songs.
  5. This makes the jury vote to be equal to 52X5 = 260 points.
  6. Public voting will be divided into 2 subgroups: Demoscopic jury and SMS.
  7. Demoscopic jury, those are 350 people from the Spanish public that are from different regions in Spain. They will grant the songs (by mutual ranking): 30, 25, 20 ,18, 15, 12, 10 points.
  8. SMS – The songs will get 30, 25, 20 ,18, 15, 12, 10 points by the total ranking.

The jury panel will include:

  1. Felix Bergsson, head of the Icelandic delegation for Eurovision
  2. Marvin Dietmann, Austrian art director
  3. Natalia Calderon, Spanish vocal coach
  4. Estefanía García , Spanish mezzo-soprano of the RTVE Choir
  5. Miryam Blessed, Spanish choreographer

The official trailer for “Melodifestivlaen 2022” is out:

Some of the songs from “Vidbir 2022″ are released:

  1. Cloudless – All be Alright
  2. IDXO  Crazy
  3. Laura Marti – Nezalezhna
  4. ROXOLANA – Girlzzz

On the 24th of January 2022, we will find out (on a special pres conference) who are the 8 finalists anomg 27 shortlisted acts.

From now on, the UK’s television coverage of Eurovision (done by BBC) will be produced and broadcast from Salford

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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