Malta: Listen to “MESC 2023” Song Snippets

Maltese broadcaster TVM has published snippets of 40 songs from “MESC 2023″ – the national selection for Eurovision 2023

You can listen to 30 seconds snippets here

The 40 shortlisted artists with their song titles are:

  1. Aidan – Regina
  2. Andre – Broken hill
  3. Bradley Debono – Blackout
  4. Brooke – Checkmate
  5. Clintess – Lura Qatt
  6. Cheryl Balzan – La La Land
  7. Chris Grech – Indescribable
  8. Christian Arding – Eku Car
  9. Dan – It’ll Be Ok
  10. Dario – Pawn in a game
  11. Dario Bezzina – Bridle Road
  12. Dominic and Anna – Whatever the Wind May Blow
  13. Eliana Gomez Blanco – Guess what
  14. Fabizio Faniello – Try To Be Better
  15. Francesca Sciberras – Masquerade
  16. Geo Debono – The Mirror
  17. Giada – I depend on You
  18. Greta Tude – Sound of my stilettos
  19. Haley – Tik Tok
  20. Ian -On My Own
  21. Jake – Love you like that
  22. James Louis – Dream
  23. Jason Scerri – Anything can happen
  24. Jessika – Unapologetic
  25. John Galea – Trailblazer
  26. Klinsmann – Piranah
  27. Kirstie – Girls Get Down
  28. Lyndsay – Haunted
  29. Maria Christina – Our Flame
  30. Maxine Pace – Alone
  31. Mark Anthony Bartolo – Tears
  32. Maria Debono – X’allegrija
  33. Marie Claire – Thankful
  34. Matt Blxck – UP.
  35. Mike – Lehen Fic-Cpar
  36. Nathan – Creeping Walls
  37. Ryan Hili – In the Silence
  38. Stefan – Heartbreaker
  39. Stefan – What do you Want?
  40. The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party)

About “MESC 2023”

  1. The selection process will include 4 quarter-finals, 1 semi-final, and a final.
  2. 10 artists will participate in each quarter-final, and 6 of them will qualify for the semi-final
  3. 24 artists will compete in the semi-finals, and 16 of them will qualify for the final
  4. 16 artists will compete in the final and the winner will represent Malta at Eurovision 2023
  5. The results of each show will be determined by a combination of a national jury and a public vote
  6. The qualifiers from the quarter-finals will be announced at the end of the 4th quarter-final
  7. The dates of selection are:
  • Quarter-Final 1 – 13th of January 2023
  • Quarter-Final 2 – 20th of January 2023
  • Quarter-Final 3 – 27th of January 2023
  • Quarter-Final 4 – 3rd of February 2023
  • Semi-Final – 9th of February 2023
  • Grand Final – 11th of February 2023

Among the participants, we can find some familiar names and faces:

#1. Jessika Muscat

Jessika Muscat who represented San Marino at Eurovision 2018 together with Jenifer Brening. They performed the song “Who We Are”, and didn’t qualify for the final

She has also participated in the “MESC” contest in the years 2008-2017 and 2022

#2. Fabizio Faniello

The singer has already represented Malta at 2 different occasions.
In 2001, he finished 9th with the song “Another Summer Night”

In 2006, he finished last (24th place) with the song “I Do

#3. Aidan

The singer who ended as the runner up in “MESC 2022” will try his luck again.
Earlier this year, he performed “Ritmu” in the national selection:

He has also participated in the national selection in 2018

#4.  Eliana Gomez Blanco

The young singer Eliana Gomez Blanco represented Malta at Junior Eurovision 2019 with the song “We Are More”. She finished in the last (19th) place.

#5. Francesca Sciberras

The singer Francesca Sciberras represented Malta as part of a duo in Junior Eurovision 2009 with the song “Double Trouble”. They finished in 9th place:

#6. Brooke

The singer competed in “MESC” in the past.
For example, in “MESC 2018” she finished 3rd in the final with the song “Heart Of Gold

#7. Matt Blxck

The singer Matt Blxck participated in “X Factor Malta2018-2019.
In addition, he competed in “MESC 2022” with the song “Come Around” and finished in 7th place:

#8. Maxine Pace

The singer Maxine Pace was recommended by us to represent Malta at Eurovision, during The Looker” (out Wishlist for Eurovision).
She has collaborated with Destiny (Malta Eurovision 2020 – 2021) and Michaela (Malta Eurovision 2019)

#9. Mark Anthony Bartolo

The singer participated in “X Factor Malta 2019.
In 2022, he participated in “MESC 2022” with the song “Serenity” and finished in 11th place:

#10. Giada 

The singer Giada participated in “MESC 2022” with the song “Revelación” and finished 13th in the final.

Who would like to represent Malta at Eurovision 2023?

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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