“The Looker”: Eurovision Wish List – Chapter 13 (Italy, Malta, San Marino)

Welcome to our new series of posts – “The Looker” where we will share our wish list of artists participating in Eurovision.
But before we start, let us remark that our recommendations will not necessarily come true (as for example some countries select their artists by reality shows)

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This time we will concentrate on 3 countries: Italy, Malta, San Marino.

#1. Annalisa

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Annalisa Scarrone is a 36 year old Italian singer-songwriter and record producer.
In the past, she was a member of 2 bands: Elaphe Guttata and leNoire.
She rose to fame in 2010-2011, when she participated in the 10th season of the Italian Talent TV show “Amici di Maria De Filippi” where se ended up in 2nd place.
Annalisa is a known name in the Eurovisibo scene, following her multiple participations in “Festival di Sanremo” which is used as the Italian national selection for Eurovision:

At the “Festival di Sanremo 2013″, she performed “Scintille” (Eng: sparks) and ended in 9th place:

At the “Festival di Sanremo 2015″, she performed “Una finestra tra le stelle” (Eng: A window among the stars) and finished in 4th place:

In 2016, she returned to “Festival di Sanremo” with the song “Il diluvio universale” (Eng: the great flood) and ended in 11th place:

In 2018, she competed in “Festival di Sanremo 2018″ with the song “Il mondo prima di te” (Eng: The world before you). She ended up in 3rd place:

In 2021, she participated at “Festival di Sanremo 2021″ and ended up in 7th place with the song “10“:

So far, the singer has released 7 studio albums:

  • Nali (2011)
  • Mentre tutto cambia (2012)
  • Non so ballare (2013)
  • Splende (2015)
  • Se avessi un cuore (2016)
  • Bye Bye (2018)
  • Nuda (2020)

During her career, she won different awards, most of them were awarded by MTV Italy.

In 2020, she released the song “Tsunami“:

In 2020, she released the song “Graffiti“:

In 2021, she released the song “Eva + Eva“:

Annalise might be one of the most talented Italian singers nowadays.
She has a unique stamp, a powerful voice and she creates an extraordinary atmosphere in her live performances. She has tried to represent Italy in the past, and we are sure she still has the passion to do so and in the perfect way.

#2. Levante

Claudia Lagona (better known as Levante) is a 34 year old Italian singer – songwriter, model and novel writer.
In the early 2010’s she signed a contract with  A&A Recordings Publishing and Atollo Records, and therefore moved from Turin to Leeds, UK.
She rose to fame in 2014, when she released her debut album – “Manuale distruzione” (Eng: Instructions manual). The album peaked at number 8 in the Italian charts.
In 2015, she took part in the music festival “South by Southwest” in texas. That same year, she also performed in Los Angeles and New York City.
In 2015, the singer released her 2nd studio album, “Abbi cura di te” (Eng: Take care of yourself). The album peaked at number 17 in the Italian charts.
In 2017, she published her book “Se non ti vedo non esisti” (Eng: If I don’t see you, you don’t exist).
In 2017, she released 2 singles: “Non Me Ne Frega Niente” (Eng: I Don’t care about me) that received gold and “Pezzo di Me” (Eng: Piece of me) that received platinum certification.
In April 2017, she released her 3rd studio album “Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti” (Eng: In the chaos of amazing rooms). The album was a huge success in Italy, peaking at number 2 in the Italian charts and certified gold. In May 2107, she joined the cast of coach in the 11th season of “X-Factor Italy“.
In 2018, she published her 2nd novel “Questa è l’ultima volta che ti dimentico” (Eng: This is the last time I forget you). The novel immediately became one of the top 10 sales.
In 2018, the singer went on a tour in Europe (inclung Italy of course).
She collaborated with Fedez, Stash and J-Ax on the song “Assenzio“, that was first in Italian music charts. It was the first time Levante conquered the first position.
In the summer of 2018, she collacorated with and Diplo on the song “Stay Open“.
In 2019, she was included in the list of 100 people who can influence world trends in fashion and art, organized by Vogue.
In March 2019, she signed a contract with Warner Music Group, with whom she released her 4th studio album “Magmamemoria” (Eng: Magme memory). The album peaked at number 3 in the Italian charts. In addition, the album was certified gold.
In 2020, she participated in “Festival di Sanremo 2020” (which was used as Italy’s national selection for Eurovision 2020 as well) with the song “Tikibombom“. She finished in 12th place in the festival. However, the song became the most played Sanremo song of the year on radio and the 5th overall in 2020.

Listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2017, she released the song “Gesù Cristo sono io” (Eng: Jesus Christ is me):

In 2020, she released the song “Sirene” (Eng: siren):

In 2021, she released the song “Dall’alba al tramonto” (Eng: from sunrise to sunset)

Levante can take you on an emotional journey without you having expected it. You can hear her outcry on every single note, even when she doesn’t use her full power. On top of this, let’s not forget from her meaning texts. I believe Levante would be wonderful at Eurovison.

#3.Matteo Faustini

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Matteo Faustini is a 27 year old Italian singer and songwriter. He has already started taking his first steps in music in childhood.
In 2007, he joined the children’s choir of La Scala in Milan, while in the following years he got involved with the theater.
Parallel to his studies in Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literature, Matteo participated in and won various musical competitions.
In 2017 he was selected as a finalist in the Sanremo Area and is the voice of the tribute band “Smooth Criminals“, with which he brought the legend of Michael Jackson around Europe. In the last two years, Matteo has embarked on his career as a primary school teacher and has written more than 50 songs such as “Nel Bene e Nel Male”, competing at the 70th Sanremo Festival (in 2020) in the “New Proposals” category. The single, contained within the debut album “Figli delle Favole“, also won the “Lunezia Prize for Sanremo” for its musical and literary value.

In 2020, he released the song “Il cuore incassa forte” (Eng: the heart collect strongly)

In 2020, he released the song “Vorrei” (Eng: I would like):

In 2021, he released the song “1+1“:

Matteo Faustini is a young talented singer – songwriter. He has a lot of emotional intelligence to suggest and a voice that caresses the listeners’ soul. Music is all about emotions and Matteo is a strong contender to suggest it easily.

#1. Aidan

Aidan Cassar is a 21 year old Maltese singer-songwriter and graphic designer. 
He started writing music in 2015 during a workshop in London.
From there, he wrote several singles, 5 of which made it to the top of the local charts, with the most recent one even entering a chart in Mexico.
In 2018, the singer participated in the Maltese selection for Eurovision 2018. He performed the song “Dai Laga” and ended up in 4th place.

In 2021, he participated in the Maltese music festival “Muzika Muzika” and won with the song “Naħseb Fik” (eng: I think about you):

In 2017, he released the song “Drums“:

In 2019, he released the song “The Feeling“:

In 2021, he released the song “Heart Emoji“:

Aidan is the pop star we would like to see on stage. Full of energy and charisma, he could be a game changer for Malta at Eurovision.

#2. Maxine Pace

Maxine Pace (better known as Maxine) is a 22 year old Maltese singer-songwriter.
Maxine took vocal and piano lessons at the age of 6, citing that she wanted to become a singer.
In 2008, Paul Abela asked Maxine to join the band PaPPaPop band . It ultimately led to a guest appearance on the television programme “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” which airs on RAI Uno, apart from performing at the renowned Ariston Theatre, home of the biggest music competition in Italy, Sanremo.
Maxine entered the Junior Eurosong competition on two successive occasions, in 2009 with “Toy Soldier” finishing in 7th place, and in 2010 with “Lady Lady Ga Ga” finishing in 8th place.
In 2011, she honoured her home country in the United States obtaining three medals; two gold and one bronze for three different performances.
In 2016, she competed in the Maltese national selection for Eurovision 2016 with the song “Young Love” and ended up in 5th place:

In 2017, she competed once again in Maltese national selection (this time for Eurovision 2017).
She performed the song “Bombshell” and ended in 6th place:

Since then, she has released several songs. In 2021, she released her debut EP “Skin Deep“.

In 2018, she released “Thunder” at the memorial of her mother who passed away at the age of 45:

In 2021, she released the single “Pull Me Closer“:

In 2021, she released the song “Skin Deep“:

Maxine Pace is a rising pop star in Malta. She has proved that even though she is young, we trust her as a singer with 20 years of experience on stage.


Caroline Busuttil (better known as I AM WILLOW or Carrie Haber) is a Maltese singer-songwriter who is based in London.
In 2009, she performed live on stage in LA with Patrick Leonard (producer to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John and more). That same year, she was awarded Best Songwriter and Best Female Artist at the “Coca-Cola Music Awards, Malta“.
In 2011, she was invited to perform privately for Annie Lenox in her personal studio in London.
In 2012, she moved to the UK and recorded original songs in Rockfield Studio.
In 2016, she was named among the Top 5 Rising Stars in “Time Out London“and “Q magazine“.
In 2018, a song she wrote for the Japanese girl band E-Girls received an MTV Award.

In 2017, she released the song “Oceanful“:

In 2017, she released the song “Hearts In The NIght“:

In 2019, she released the song “Spiritland“:

I AM WILLOW creates music with high quality production. There’s something in her music that puts it at a universal level of interest. The way she mixes Indie pop music with soft electronic influences makes it standout. Moreover, Malta has never sent anything like this to Eurovision

#1. Irol

Lorenzo Salvatori (better known as Irol) is a 28 year old rapper from San Marino.
At the age of fourteen he approaches rap and immediately begins to participate in some Italian freestyle events, such as the “Important Perfect Techniques“, as well as minor events in the regions adjacent to the Titano making himself known.
In 2009, he started writing his own music and in 2010 he released his first EP – “Perso nel tempo” (Eng: lost in time”).
in 2013 he recorded his first album, Stato Mental, and in 2015 he recorded his second EP, “Distances” and also collaborated with the hip-hop music collective K-Rimini United Artists. He also shared the stage with Eron, a well-known Rimini writer active on the scene since the late 1980’s.
In 2013, he competed in “Spit program” on MTV.
In 2015, he won the first talent show in San Marino – “I talenti dei Castelli” (Eng: The talents of the Castles).
In 2014 and 2015, he was part of the jury in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest0
In 2016, he announced the San Marinan jury’s results in Eurovision 2016.
In November 2016, he participated in the singing competition “Amici di Maria De Filippi”.
In 2018, he participated in the national selection of San Marino for Eurovision 2018.
He competed with 3 different songs (some of them are collaborations): “Sorry“, “Who We Are“, “Stuck Without Me“.

In 2019, he released the EP “Liriche Indoor” (Eng: indoor lyrics).

In 2018, he released the single “24“:

In 2020, he released the song “Rowmagna“:

In 2020, he collaborated with Tommy Kuti on the song “Bon Ton“:

Irol brings a cool attitude with catchy rep songs, performed in Italian. Nevertheless, he is also a proud San Marinan – something that we would be happy to see: San Marinan represents San Marino at Eurovision.

#2. Samuele Bersani

Samuele Bersani is a 50 year old Italian singer and songwriter. He was born in Rimini, Italy (close to the border of Italy and San Marino). His father was a music teacher. Samuele left school a few months before his maturity exam. As a teenager, he took part in several music competitions and played in several bands.
In 1991, he met the Italian singer Lucio Dalla and asked him to listen to recordings of his original song. A few months later, Renzo Cremonini (Dalla’s producer) asked Samuele to be the opening act for all Lucio Dalla‘s live performances.
In 1992, Samuele released his debut album – “C’hanno preso tutto” (Eng: they took everything from us). The album was very successful and sold more than 20K copies.
In 1995, he released his 2nd studio album “Freak” which became a huge success with selling more than 130K copies in Italy. The album is certified platinum.
So far, the singer has released 9 albums:

  • Samuele Bersani (1997)
  • L’oroscopo speciale (2000)
  • Che vita! Il meglio di Samuele Bersani (2002)
  • Caramella smog (2003)
  • L’aldiqua (2006)
  • Manifesto abusivo (2009)
  • Nuvola numero nove (2013)
  • La fortuna che abbiamo – Live (2016)
  • Cinema Samuele (2020)

He received the “Mia Martini” Critics Award at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2000 and in 2012, with the songs “Replay” and “Un pallone”, respectively
In 2007, he won the Amnesty International Italy “Voci per la liberta” Award for “Occhiali rotti”, a song included in his album L’aldiqua (2006) and written in memory of journalist Enzo Baldoni.
His record Cinema Samuele received the Targa Tenco for Best Album in 2021.

In 2013, he released the song “En e Xanax” :

In 2020, he released the song “Harakiri”:

In 2021, he released the song “Il tuo ricordo” (Eng: your memory)

After an impressive long year of career, it will be an honor to see Samuele Bersani at Eurovision.
His deep voice, touching texts and exciting ballads can stand out.

#3. Delayers

Delayers” is a trio of DJ’s and producers from San Marino. The group includes: Federico Bombini, John Carattoni and Luca Zucchi. The group was formed in 2011. Their debut single “Easy Up” entered the international music charts. Later on, it was remixed by Maison and Dragen.
Afterwards, they released another 3 singles that received international attention as well:
“Everything Moves” “Growl”
and “Four”.
Some of their singles were released in British and Dutch labels.
Since 2014, they keep on releasing singles. For each opportunity, they collaborate with different lead singers.
They also collaborated with big names like: Tiësto , David Guetta and more..

In 2016, they released the song “Let It Go” with the American singer Rhett Fisher:

In 2016,they released the song “She Bad” with Fueg:

In 2018, they released the song “Bass Code“:

Delayers are the ones we will call when we want to dance and celebrate. They used to collaborate with plenty of singers, and they have already proved they can invade the international music market.

What do you think about our recommendations? Which artists would you like to see representing those 3 countries?

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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