Marco Mengoni Returns To Eurovision!

The 73rd edition of Sanremo has come to its apex point tonight with the 5th and final night of “Festival di Sanremo 2023

Live from the Teatro Ariston of Liguria coast in Italy the show hosts Amadeus and Gianni Morandi introduced the 28 artists. The running order of performances was as follows:

  1. Elodie โ€“ Due
  2. Colla Zio โ€“ Non mi va
  3. Mara Sattei โ€“ Duemilaminuti
  4. Tananai โ€“ Tango
  5. Colapesce & Dimartino โ€“ Splash
  6. Giorgia โ€“ Parole dette male
  7. Modร  โ€“ Lasciami
  8. Ultimo โ€“ Alba
  9. Lazza โ€“ Cenere
  10. Marco Mengoni โ€“ Due vite
  11. Rosa Chemical โ€“ Made in Italy
  12. Cugini di Campagna โ€“ Lettera 22
  13. Madame โ€“ Il bene nel male
  14. Ariete โ€“ Mare di guai
  15. Mr. Rain โ€“ Supereroi
  16. Paola & Chiara โ€“ Furore
  17. Levante โ€“ Vivo
  18. LDA โ€“ Se poi domani
  19. Coma_Cose โ€“ Lโ€™addio
  20. Olly โ€“ Polvere
  21. Articolo 31 โ€“ Un bel viaggio
  22. Will โ€“ Stupido
  23. Leo Gassmann โ€“ Terzo cuore
  24. Gianmaria โ€“ Mostro
  25. Anna Oxa โ€“ Sali (Canto dellโ€™anima)
  26. Shari โ€“ Egoista
  27. Gianluca Grignani โ€“ Quando ti manca il fiato
  28. Sethuย โ€“ Cause perse

Studio Versions:





Calculating all the votes from the televote, the press jury, the demoscopic jury the top 5 acts announced and they are:

  • Tananaiย โ€“ Tango
  • Mr. Rainย โ€“ Supereroi
  • Ultimo โ€“ Alba
  • Lazza โ€“ Cenere
  • Marco Mengoni โ€“ Due vite

For the final voting, the same 3 will vote for the top5 announce again. once the results were announces it is now confirmed that as predicted Marco Mengoniย and his “Due vite” will represent Italy in the next Eurovision Song Contest. Italy will automatically participate in the grand final as they are one of the BIG5

Marco Mengoni will be back on the Eurovision stage after he represented Italy already back in 2013 and brought Italy to the 7th spot with his beautiful ballad “L’essenziale”

Last year in Turin Mahmood and Blanco gave us all “Brividi” with their live performance that also gave them the 6th place collectiong 268 points

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