“The Looker 2022”: Eurovision Wish List – Chapter 6 (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia)

Welcome to our series of posts – “The Looker” where we will share our wish list of artists participating in Eurovision.
This is the second year in a row that we are running the project.

But before we start, let us remark that our recommendations will not necessarily come true (as for example some countries select their artists by reality shows)

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#1. Artem Valter

Artem Valter is an Armenian singer-songwriter and music producer.
He studied at Los Angeles Recording School. From there he met Joel Numa, a sound engineer and producer who’d been working with Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams and Shakira, and won 4 “Grammys awards” and an Emmy.
Artem started recording music in 2012, and thereafter he has also started working as songwriter and producer.
In 2012, he was invited to write the Ukrainian song for “Junior Eurovision 2012“.
He wrote and composed the song “Nebo” for Anastasiya Petryk who later on won the contest!

He released his first EP, “Made In Artsakh,” in 2012.
His second EP, “Tashi Tushi” was released in 2016.
Artem released dozens of singles in 2012-2020.
In 2020, he was invited by ARMTV (Armenian broadcaster) to remaster the Armanian entry for Eurovision 2020“Chains On You” by Athena Manoukian .

Let’s listen to 3 of his songs:

In 2016, he released a single (and EP theme) “Tashi Tushi“:

In 2017, he released the single “Origami“:

In 2021, he released the song “Akntart“:

Artem combines between traditional elements and electro-dance music.
He would be a wonderful option for Armenia at Eurovision, showing both the country’s culture with modern vibes.

#2 Ladaniva

Ladaniva is a duo formed in October 2019. The duo consists of the Armenian singer Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and the French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas.
Ladaniva is a multicultural band creating world music with a fresh touch of Armenian folk and other traditional forms, such as Maloya, Balkan, reggae, Arabic, and African.
They released their first EP, “Ladaniva” in 2020.

Let’s listen to 3 of their songs:

In 2020, they released the single “Kef Chilini“:

In 2020, they released the song “Oror”:

In 2021, they released the song “Pourquoi t’as fait ça?” (From French: Why did you do that?)

Ladaniva has already gained popularity all over the world.
They use ethnic elements of different cultures in their music.
And it seems that it can appeal to many televoters.

Previous wishes: EMIN, Fidan Aliva, Tomris

#1. Hiss

Hiss (real name: Roya Mammadova) is an 26 year-old Azerbaijani singer-songwriter.
She was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan.
She started engaging with music at the age of 14. At the age of 15, she participated in the music competition “You are a song“. 
Alongside her school, she joined several child music competitions where she attended her first vocal classes. 
In 2013-2017, she focused on professional studies of gas and oil engineering at the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry.
She continued working on music in 2018. Her first single “Mirvarilər” (Eng: Pearls) was released in 2018.
Her biggest stop in the career came after realising her 5th song: “İstəmirəm” (Eng: “I don’t want”).
This single achieved a top 50 in “Shazam Turkiye” and grabbed millions of Spotify’s streams and Youtube’s views.
Since 2019, she has released several singles.
She signed a contract with Warner Music Group in September 2021.

In 2020, she released the single “Kəpənəklər” (Eng: Butterflies):

In May 2021, she released the song “Cəsarət” (Eng: courage)

In 2022, she released the song “Şans” (Eng: Chance):

Hiss is a great artist who can take Azerbaijan in a completely different direction in the contest.
She performs in the genres of hip-hop and pop and can also appeal to the young voters.

#2. Leman

Leman Dadasheva (or simply Leman) is a 30 year-old Azerbaijani singer.
In 2013, she tried her luck in “Milli Seçim Turu 2013” (Azerbaijan national selection for Eurovision 2013) but she didn’t qualify for the final stage.
In 2016, she participated in “The Voice of Azerbaijan” and was eliminated in the semi-final.
In 2017, she took part in the “Baku Jazz Festival“.
In 2017, she released her first original song “Tək Deyiləm” (Eng: I am not alone).
Leman gave her first solo concert at “Yarat Contemporary Art Space” in 2018.
In 209 and 2020, she was listed as one of the potential artists to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision, but in the end she wasn’t chosen.

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2019, she released the song “Dust“:

In 2020, she released the song “Köz” (Eng: Coal)

In 2021, she released the single “Ruh” (Eng: soul)

Leman has had years of a successful career in Azerbaijan, and maybe it is finally time for her to claim and get the opportunity to represent her country, as she has been wishing for years.
She combines modern pop elements with Middle Eastern music elements, mostly in her native language.

Previous wishes: Nini Bregvadze, Nutsa Buzaladze, Giorgi Kelaptrishvili

#1. Masteri

Masteri is a Georgian singer-songwriter.
He started releasing music in 2008, but his breakthrough came a few years later.
His debut album, “Sistema“, was releaased in 2016.

Let’s listen to 3 of his songs:

In 2019, he collaborated with Natia Dumbadze on the song “არ უყურო დროს“/ “Ar Uyuro Dros” (Eng: Don’t look at the time)

In 2022, he collaborated with Lil Noka on the the song “Latina“:

In 2022, he released the song “Break Up Song“:

Masteri has released plenty of songs in the last few years.
He usually performs in the Georgian language, but his music is also based on the hip-hop scene.
Might he be the one to change Georgia’s fate at Eurovision?

#2. Natalia Nakopia

In 2022, she collaborated with various artists on a special tribute to Ukraine:

In 2022, she released the song “ცისფერი აბი” (Eng: Blue Pill)

In 2022, she releaed the song “Insomnia“:

Though it looks like Natalia is still at the very beginning of career, we can already identify her talent and see her representing Georgia and putting them back in the final.

What do you think about the recommended artists?
Stay tuned for more recommendations to come, next time we will travel to other countries

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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