Slovenia: Listen to the song of Joker Out “Carpe Diem” for Eurovision 2023!

Tonight, we had the first internal selection song released, and that comes from Slovenia!

Carpe Diem” is officially out! The song is performed in the country’s national language, Slovene. However, the title is in Latin and it means “Seize the day”. It’s an upbeat rock song which also includes an instrumental section.

The message of the song is that we should focus on making our present time precious and not bothering much about what will happen in the future.

You can listen to the Slovene entry for Eurovision 2023 right here

Slovenia is drawn in the 2nd half of the Second Semifinal in the competition! Good luck!

Last year, Slovenia was represented by LPS with their song “Disko”. However, they ended up in last place of ESC 2022 first Semifinal (17th with 15 points)

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