Around The Continent 2024: Episode 1

We are back with a series of posts, “Around The Continent,” where we will give a recap of the Eurovision season news.
Let’s travel through country by country, to collect all the exciting stories and updates.


The list of participating countries will probably be revealed in November 2023.
The Eurovision 2024 rules have been revealed: Only the public will vote in the semi-finals. The jury and the public will determine the final results, however the proportion between those 2 is yet to be determined.

More than 80 songs were submitted for “Festivali i Këngës 62″. 31 artists will compete in the festival, which will be held between 19th of December and 22th of December. The winner of the festival will be chosen by the jury panel, the Eurovision artist will be chosen by the public vote.

The line-up and format for each night can be found here

SBS held several discussions with the EBU regarding the country’s participation in Eurovision 2024. Previously, the country had been invited to participate by the EBU, up to a contract to guarantee participation between 2019 and 2023.

ORF has been actively searching for potential artists to represent Austria at Eurovision 2024. Subsequently, 60 songs were submitted for internal selection. The aim is to choose the artist and the song by December 2023

214 songs were submitted for internal selection: 88 of them are written by Azeris, while 126 are form foreign writers.

15 artists were shortlisted to participate in the live auditions round:

  1. Aisel (who represented Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2018 with My Heart“)
  2. Rilaya with the song Sympohny of Life
  3. Emy Lia (Emiliya Yaqubova) – The winner of “The Voice of Azerbaijan” season 1
  4. Tofiq Hacıyev & Camal Qurbanov
  5. Mari
  6. İlkin Dövlətov & Mila Miles & Etibar Əsədli
  7. Sabina Beyli
  8. Lexa
  9. Edgar Ravinov
  10. Əmrah Musayev
  11. Alesker
  12. Rahib Mirzəyev & Tofiq Yadigar
  13. Səbinə Quluzadə
  14. Qorqud
  15. Fahree

On the 30th of August, Belgium revealed its representative for Eurovision 2024: Mustii.

Thomas Mustin was internally selected by  RTBF (French-speaking national broadcaster).
His song for Eurovision 2024 will be released in February 2024.
It will probably be a dark pop song

Croatia will choose a song and an artist for Eurovision 2024 via “Dora 2024“.
The submission window will close on the 30th of November

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dora-2023-purple-icon.png

Dora 2024” will be held during February 2024 in the city of Opetija. Up to 28 songs (+4 reserve songs) will be chosen by the professional jury. The list of artists will be released in December 2023.

Czechia is the most recent country to confirm Eurovision 2024 participation. The song and the artist will be chosen through “ESCZ 2024“.
The submission window will close on the 6th of November.
The lead singer must be Czech or a Slovak musician who contributes to the Czech music scene. In the case of a duet, at least one of the main vocalists must meet this condition

Cyprus was the 2nd country to reveal its artist for Eurovision 2024:

Silia Kapsis is a 16 year old singer and actress who was born in Australia in 2006.
She is from Cypriot origin (her Father was born there).
At Eurovision, she will perform a song by the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos.

“Dasnk Melodi Grand Prix 2024” will be held on the 17th of February 2024

The results will be based on jury votes and a public vote. However, this time the number of jury will increase and will also feature international members.
8 songs will be shortlisted to participate in the national final.

215 songs were submitted for “Eesti Laul 2024: 88 songs in Estonian language, 126 songs in English and 1 song in Italian.

  • A professional jury committee consisting of 41 members will shortlist 20 of them.
  • 5 songs will get a direct path to the final, while an additional 15 songs will have to go through the semi-final. 5 songs will qualify from the semi-final.
  • Eesti Laul 2024″ semi-final will be held on the 20th of January 2024.
  • The final will be held on the 17th of February 2024.
  • The list of 20 shortlisted artists will be revealed on the 6th and 7th of November 2023
  • The “Eesti Laul 2024″ songs will be released on Friday, 8th of December 2023

Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets will host the shows:

“UMK 2024” will be held on the 10th of February 2024, in Nokia Arena in Tampere
419 entries were submitted this year, 7 of them will compete in the national final.

  1. The 7 artists will be revealed on January 10th, 2024.
  2. The songs will be revealed on a daily basis (besides weekends) between the 11th of January and the 19th of January 2024.
  3. Among the participants are:
    • An artist’s first nineties dance song
    • A powerful song from a singer with a great voice
    • Finest song of an indie favorite’s career
    • A surprising duo consisting of two famous artists whose song has a catchy chorus
    • An explosive rock – anthem of a band with an international career
    • A really intense song from one of the most popular artists right now
    • A club banger from a well-known comeback artist. We will certainly experience a high-energy UMK competition, which is also in a large arena

France confirmed its participation at Eurovision 2024. No official statement regarding the selection process has been released.

Georgia confirmed its participation at Eurovision 2024. No official statement regarding the selection process has been released.

Germany will choose an artist and a song for Eurovision 2024 via “Eurovision Song Contest – Das deutsche Finale 2024” (Eng: Eurovision Song Contest – The German Final 2024).
It has been revealed that 693 artists applied for the selection process.
Among them 572 artists who have submitted at least 1 song, and 121 applied as singers (without songs)

The national selection will be held on Friday, the 16th of February 2024.

Greece was the 3rd country to reveal its artist for Eurovision 2024: 36 years old Marina Satti will represent the country.

ERT opened the submission window for potential songs, and will close on the 1st of December 2023.

118 songs were submitted for “Söngva­keppn­in 2024″. 10 among them will be shortlisted to participate in the national selection.

  1. The selection process will include 3 televised shows: 2 semi-finals and a grand final.
    • Semi-Final 1: Saturday, 17th of February 2024
    • Semi-Final 2: Saturday, 24th of February 2024
    • Grand Final: Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
  2. The selected songs will be released on the 27th of January 2024.
  3. 5 artists will compete in each semi-final. 4 artists (2 from each semi-final) will qualify for the final. The professional committee will be able to grant a wild-card to an additional song.
  4. A public vote will determine the semi-final results. Meanwhile, in the final, the decision will be a joint public vote and an international jury.
  5. The professional committee will have the right to save another song (in a wild-card format), so the final may include 5 songs.
  6. Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir, Sigurður Þorri Gunnarsson and Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson will host the shows, as in 2023.

More than 360 songs were submitted for the Irish selection.
6 of them will be shortlisted to participate in the national final, in a format that might still involve “The Late Late Night”

Israel is trying to modify the selection process due to the ongoing war with terror organization Hamas. Keshet 12 has decided to broadcast (the pre-recorded) the episodes of “The Rising Star For Eurovision 2024(“Hakochav Haba La’Eurovision 2024“).
However, it is still unclear when the first episode will be aired.

Festival Di Sanremo 2024” will be held between the 6th of February and the 10th of February 2024.

23 established artists will be chosen to compete in the festival.
They will be joined by 3 young artists, who will participate in “Sanremo Giovani 2023”. 12 young artists will compete for 3 spots in the final of “Sanremo Giovani 2023” that will be held in December 2023.

The rumored artists (based on All Music Italia) to take part in the upcoming festival are:

  • Annalisa
  • Il Volo
  • Mahmood
  • Jalisse
  • Achille Lauro
  • Francesco Gabbani
  • Irama
  • Mr. Rain
  • Dargen D’Amico
  • Sangiovanni
  • Alessandra Amoroso
  • LA Rappresentante di Lista
  • Rose Villain
  • The Kolors
  • Pinguini Tattici Nucleari
  • Geolier 
  • Angelina Mango 
  • Alfa
  • Ghali
  • Patty Pravo
  • Gigi D’Alessio
  • Ernia
  • Rocco Hunt
  • Ditonellapiaga
  • Tropico
  • Matteo Paolillo

Latvia will choose its Eurovision 2024 entry via “Supernova 2024”.
The submission window will close on the 1st of December 2023.
Finalists for Supenova 2024 will be revealed during January 2024, while the final will take place in February 2024

LRT launched a new selection process for Eurovision 2024: “Eurovizija.LT”.

  1. The submission window will close on the 11th of December 2023.
  2. Up to 20 songs will be shortlisted to participate in the semi-finals. The shortlisted songs will be chosen by the 18th of December 2023.
  3. The national selection will include 4-5 semi-finals and a grand final.
  4. The first semi-final will probably be held on Saturday, the 13th of January 2024. The final will be held on the 10th or the 17th of Februrary 2024.
  5. The results of the shows will be determined by a combination of jury and public vote
  6. However, the grand final will include a “Super-Final” round, where the top 3 artists will compete for the 1st place. This round will be solely determined by the public.
  7. The number of finalists will be determined, based on the number of applicants.

459 songs were submitted for the Luxembourgish selection for Eurovision 2024

The televised national selection will be held on Saturday, the 27th of January 2024. The results will also be involved on the public vote

36 artists were shortlisted to participate in “MESC 2024”.

The 4 semi-finals will be held on Fridays (weekly basis), between 27th of October and 17th of November.
12 artists will qualify for the final, which will be held in January 2024.
The results will be determined by a combination of jury vote and public vote.

Moldova confirmed its participation at Eurovision 2024.
No official statement regarding the selection process, but will most probably choose a national selection.

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS received more than 600 songs for Eurovision 2024.
The selection committee is gradually reducing the list of potential songs.

The submitted songs are of diverse genres . The majority of the submitted songs are written in English, however around 100 of them feature different languages: Dutch, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

It is still unclear whether North Macedonia will participate in Eurovision 2024.
MRT discussed plans for Eurovision 2024, including allocating a budget and mechanism to select an act.

NRK has just completed the selection of songs for the “Melodi Grand Prix 2024”.

  1. Melodi Grand Prix 2024″ will feature 3 semi-finals and a grand final. 6 artists will compete in each semi-final.
  2. The provisional dates are:
    • Semi-Final 1: Saturday, the 13th of January 2024
    • Semi-Final 2: Saturday, the 20th of January 2024
    • Semi-Final 3: Saturday, the 27th of January 2024
    • Final: Saturday, the 3rd of February 2024
  3. We can assume that the voting system will remain the same as in 2023: a 100% public vote in the semi-finals, while an international jury will be involved in the final, alongside the public vote.

Poland confirmed Eurovision 2024 participation. The selection process hasn’t been revealed. Some unofficial sources claim TVP is intersected in internal selection.

809 songs have been submitted for “Festival da Canção 2024” through the free path. 6 songs among them will be chosen to participate in the festival, alongside additional 14 songs from invited artists.

  1. The festival will be held in February-March 2024.
  2. 10 artists will compete in each semi-final, 6 of them will qualify from each semi-final to the final.
  3. The semi-finals results will be determined in 2 rounds:
    • First round – a 50% national jury and a 50% public vote. The 5 songs with highest combined ranking will advance for the final.
    • Second round – will be determined solely by the public vote. 1 additional song will get a ticket for the final.

It is still unclear whether Romania will take part in Eurovision 2024.
However, based on the Eurovision Romania Community, it seems like TVR has achieved the required budget for Eurovision 2024 participation:

The final of “Una Voce per San Marino 2024” Will be Held On March 2nd.
16 artists will take part in the final: 8 established artists and 8 emerging artists.
The established artists will get a direct path to the final.
Meanwhile, the emerging artists will have to compete in 6 semi-finals in order to earn a spot in the final

The semi-finals will last for 6 days in February 2024.
The results will be determined by an expert jury.

The submission window for “Pesma za Evroviziju” will close on the 10th of November 2023.
Later on, an expert jury will shortlist number of songs to the semi-finals

Slovenia announced “Misija Malmö” as the selection process for Eurovision 2024:

  • The submission window will close on the 16th of November 2023.
  • The submitted songs will be evaluated by the international and national jury.
  • Up to 4 artists will participate in the national final, which will be held on January 2024
  • The list of selected songs will be announced by the 11th of December 2023

825 songs were submitted for “Benidorm Fest 2024”.

  1. 16 artists will be shortlisted to participate in the festival. 8 of them will compete in each semi-final.
  2. “Benidorm Fest 2024” will feature 2 semi-finals (30th of January 2024 and 1st of February 2024 ) and a final (3rd of February 2024)
  3. Each show will be determined by:
    • 50% international and national jury
    • 25% public votes
    • 25% demographic jury, representing different parts of the population.
  4. The list of participating artists will be revealed during the Latin Grammy Awards in Seville, on the 11t of November 2023.

30 artists will participate in “Melodifestivalen 2024″. They will be revealed on the 1st of December 2023.

  1. The schedule for “Melodifestivalen 2024” will be:
    • Heat 1 – Saturday, 3rd of February 2024: Malmö Arena, Malmö (Eurovision 2024 venue)
    • Heat 2 – Saturday, 10th of February 2024: Scandinavium, Gothenburg
    • Heat 3 – Saturday, 17th of February 2024:  Vida Arena, Växjö
    • Heat 4 – Saturday, 24th of February 2024: Stiga Sports Arena, Eskilstuna
    • Heat 5 – Saturday, 2nd of March 2024: Löfbergs Arena, Karlstad
    • Final – Saturday, 9th of March 2024: Friends Arena, Stockholm
  2. 12 artists will compete in the final: 10 artists will qualify from the heat to the final (2 per heat) and 2 additional will get a wild-card

According to Swedish Aftonbladet, the list of rumored artists are:

  1. Dotter -One of the fan favorites, competed in “Melodiestivalen” in 2018 (didn’t qualify), 2020 (2nd place) and 2021 (4th place).
  2. Cazzi Opeia – Competed in Melodifestivalen 2022 (9th place). She has also co-wrote the winning songs in Eurovision 2023 and the “American Song Contest”.
  3. Marcus and Martinus – Competed inMelodifestivalen 2023and ended in the 2th place
  4. Clara Klingenström – Competed in “Melodifestivalen 2021 and ended in 5th place.
  5. Adam Woods – Competed in “Melodiestivalen 2023”, alongside Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Arc North. They ended up in 4th place
  6. Lisa Ajax – The singer competed in “Melodifestivalen” 4 times, in 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2022 (as part of a duo). She made to the final 3 times out of the 4.
  7. Smash Into Pieces – The rock band competed in “Melodifestivalen 2023” and ended in the 3rd place
  8. Liamoo – Competed 3 times in “Melodifestivalen“: 2018 (6th place), 2019 (3rd place) and 2022 (4th place)
  9. Lasse Stefanz – Competed in “Melodifestivalen 2011
  10. Samir & Viktor – The duo competed in “Melodifestivalen” in 2015, 2016 and 2018. They achieved their best result in 2018, with 4th place in the final.
  11. Elecktra (Robin Werner) – Drag performer who participated in “Drag Race Sweden”


Switzerland will select its entry for Eurovision 2024 via an internal selection. The format will be the same as since 2019. A Swiss and international jury will evaluate the songs.

 The submission window for “Vidbir 2024” closed with: 389 songs, from 288 different artists (222 solo singers and 66 bands/groups/duos).

57.5% of the songs were submitted in Ukrainian, 33% of them in English, 9% of them in bilingual and the rest (0.5%) in other languages.

A long list of 20 artists will be determined and revealed by the 9th of November 2023.
Up to 10 artists will compete in “Vidbir 2024″, and their names will be revealed by the 20th of November 2023

“Vidbir 2024” will be held in February. The results will be based on jury voting and public voting.

It seems the BBC has already chosen its act for Eurovision 2024.
The process lasted over the summer and was led by Lee SmithurstExecutive Producer BBC Studios alongside Will Wilkin, Commissioning Executive BBC Music

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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