“The Looker 2023”: Eurovision Wish List – Chapter 5 (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)

Welcome to our series of posts – The Looker” where we will share our wish list of artists participating in Eurovision.
This is the 3rd year in a row that we are running the project.
But before we start, let us remark that our recommendations will not necessarily come true (as for example some countries select their artists by reality shows)

This is the 5th post in the series and it will concentrate on 3 countries: Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
You can read the previous chapters here

  1. Chapter 1: Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands
  2. Chapter 2: Cyprus, Greece, Israel
  3. Chapter 3: Finland, Norway, Sweden
  4. Chapter 4: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia

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#1. Bilderbuch

Bilderbuch (English: “Picture Book”) is an Austrian rock band and was formed in 2005.
The band’s line-up consists of:

  • Maurice Ernst (vocal, guitar)
  • Peter Horazdovsky (bass)
  • Michael Krammer (guitar)
  • Philipp Scheibl (drums).

So far, the band has released 6 studio albums:

  • Nelken & Schillinge (2009)
  • Die Pest im Piemont (2011)
  • Schick Schock (2015)
  • Magic Life (2017)
  • Mea Culpa (2018)
  • Vernissage My Heart (2019)
  • Gelb ist das Feld (2022)

In addition, they released 2 EPS.

Let’s listen to 3 of their songs

In 2019, he released the song “Kistch”:

In 2022, they released the song “I’m Not Gonna Lie“:

In 2023, they released the song “Sofrpower“:

Bilderbuch suggests a combination of soft rock-metal with house and electronic influences.
It sounds like their style can fit many ears, and that’s why they might be a good choice for Eurovision.

#2. Lahra

Lahra is a rising artist. She is 19 years-old Austrian singer with Serbian roots.
Lahra was born and raised in Austria.

So far, she has released several singles. Let’s listen to 4 of her songs:

In 2022, she released “Where I’ll go“:

In 2022, she released the song “Colder Than Ice” :

In 2022, she they released the song “Big Blue Eyes“:

In 2022,she released the song “Bye Lovely” :

Lahra suggests a beautiful color of voice. She creates a wide range of genres and styles: from painful ballads, to danceable pop songs and some urban music.
Despite her young age, it might be one of the best choices for Eurovision.

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#1. Milky Chance

Milky Chance is a German rock-folk-indie band that was formed in 2012.
They made their name after releasing the mega-hit Stolen Dance” in 2013, which topped the world charts.
In 2013, 2015 and 2018 they won music awards.
The current line-up includes 3 members:

  • Clemens Rehbein – lead vocals, guitar, bass
  • Philipp Dausch – drums, percussion, vocals, guitar, bass
  • Antonio Greger – guitar, harmonica, bass

So far, they relreased 7 studio albums:

  • Sadnecessary (2013)
  • Blossom (2017)
  • Mind the Moon (2019)
  • Trip Tape (2021)
  • Sadnecessary (Acoustic Version) (2022)
  • Trip Tape II (2022)
  • Living in a Haze (2023)

Let’s listen to 3 of their songs:

In 2022, they released the song “Syncronize“:

In 2023, they released the song “Golden”:

In 2023, they released the song “Living in A Haze“:

Milky Chance brings a fresh new rock scene that sounds familiar and safe, but authentic.

#2. LEA

Lea-Marie Becker (known as LEA) is a 30 year-old German singer-songwriter and keyboardist.
She started working on her mucin at the age of 15, where she released some covers.
So far, she has released 5 studio albums:

In 2020 and 2021, she won the “Best female artist” award in the 1LIVE Krone Awards.

TitleYearPeak Positions
Vakuum (Eng: Vaccum)2016
Zwischen meinen Zeilen (Eng: Between my lines20186th (Germany), 53rd (Austria), 35th (Switzerland)
Treppenhaus (Eng: staircase)20205th (Germany), 7th (Austria), 6th (Switzerland)
Fluss (Eng: Flow)20216th (Germany), 6th (Austria), 7th (Switzerland)
Bülowstraße20235th (Germany), 19th (Austria), 13th (Switzerland)

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2022, she released the song “Wenn Du Mich Lässt” (Eng: If You Let Me)

In 2022, she released the song “Fluss” (Eng: Fow)

In 2023, she released the song “Mutprobe” (Eng: Dare):

LEA showcases perfectly the beauty of simplicity. Her gentle voice is meant for these kind of songs. She can be a great ambassador of the German languagre

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#1. Black Sea Dahu

Black Sea Dahu is a Swiss indie-folk band that was formed in 2012 (under the name Josh).
In 2018, they changed the name to the current one.

The current band’s line-up is based on 3 siblings and an additional 3 members:

  • Janine Catherine (guitar, vocals)
  • Vera Catherine (guitar, vocals)
  • Simon Catherine (cello, vocals)
  • Sylvan Schmid (Drums)
  • Pascal Eugster (electric bass)
  • Ramon Ziegler (keyboards)

So far, the band has released 3 studio albums:

  • “The Kids of the Sun” (2012)
  • “White Creatures” (2018)
  • “I am My Mother” (2022)

In 2021, they released the song “Glue“:

In 2022, they released the song “Rhizome“:

In 2022, they released “I Am My Mother”:

Throughout the years, Black Sea Dahu has proven they are here to stay.
The intimate atmosphere together with meaningful lyrics might create a moment.

#2. Natascha Polké

Natascha Polké is a techno artist; DJ and singer from Switzerland. She has lived in London for several years, where she worked on her music.
She has played in farmed Hive Club and other places.
She described her music as  dreamy, melody-driven electronica.
So far, she has released several singles and EPS.

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2021, she released the song “Wildfire”:

In 2021, she released the song “Neverland” :

In 2023, she collaborate with KIDSØ on the song “What If I”:

Natescha has the power to bring the underground electronic scene to the heart of the mainstream. Not only by her knowledge, but also by her magnificent voice

What do you think about the recommendations we gave?
Who would you like to see representing Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in the future?
Get back to us next time, where we will discuss additional countries.

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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