Eurovision 2021: Keep It Positive!

This special post will be dedicated to spreading only good words about Eurovision 2021 songs.
For the full review of the songs, you can read out 7 chapters review:
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In this post, I will share all the advantages and the good things about each Eurovision 2021 entry:

Anxhela Peristei Karma

  • The song has its own character, especially being performed in the Albanian language.
  • In a year where most of the songs are radio-friendly, it stays faithful to its origin and culture
  • Anxhela Peristeri is an excellent singer

 Montaigne – Technicolour 

  • One of the bravest songs we’ve had in Eurovision in recent years.
  • The song is really hard to sing, it requires diverse vocal abilities.
  • The melody is unique and complex and you can definitely feel the song isn’t flat.

Vincent Bueno – Amen 

  • It isn’t only a song, but also a story being created by meaningful lyrics.
  • Vincent feels fully connected to the lyrics, and we can easily observe it.
  • The song proves that there is always a place for exciting ballads in the style of 1990’s music. Some may consider it dated, but the time of the genre is still relevant.

Samira Efendi – Mata Hari 

  • The song has oriental-ethnic motives (Iranian, Egyptian, and Indian) that are barely being heard on the Eurovision stage.
  • Writing a song with the title “Mata Hari” can give us an important lesson in history for those who weren’t familiar with Mata Hari before.
  • Although there are few, we are always happy to hear foreign language words in our Eurovision songs. It has been a while since we heard of the Azeri language at Eurovision.

Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place  

  • The song is one of the few that has a mysterious, dark, and cinematic atmosphere.
  • It tells the story of love and relationships from a different point of view, which isn’t discussed enough
  • The lead singer Geike Arnaert is one of the strongest vocalists this year
  • Having a band that consists of 3 members that are over 40 years old proves that everyone has a place at Eurovision, not only young singers.

Victoria Georgieva – Growing Up is Getting Old

  • One of the only songs to include orchestra in the melody. It’s an excellent throwback to the previous face of Eurovision (until 1997).
  • We can’t ignore the excellent musical production of the song.
  • Victoria‘s personal story (Lately, her father was diagnosed with ALS) greatly connects to the story she tells in the song. I think it can elevate the value of the performance. In other words, the advantage here will be an artist that will fill the arena with emotions.

Albina – Tick-Tock 

  • A great example of bilingual songs where the combination of 2 different languages is quite good.
  • Albina is charismatic and knows how to own the stage.
  • Croatia hasn’t sent a dance-pop song in years (the last pop song was in 2018, but those 2 are different).

Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo 

  • It’s one of the most modern songs of the year. When I think about 2021, “El Diablo” is definitely a song that we can hear on every digital platform nowadays.
  • The structure of the song is an interesting one. It consists of different layers with non-trivial transitions.
  • Whether you like it or not, the song is memorable.

Benny Cristo Omaga

  • It’s one of the uplifting songs of the year. “Omaga” can probably cheer you up if needed.
  • The song includes some words in the Czech language – a language we’ve barely heard on the Eurovision stage.
  • Rap might be inaccessible for some people, but the combination here between Rap, urban music, and Electropop increases its chances.

Fyr Og Flamme – Øve Os På Hinanden

  • It’s the first time since 1997 that Denmark has sent a song in the Danish language.
  • The song could be a wonderful throwback to Eurovision fans who lived in the 1980s or just adore that genre.
  • There is something catchy, and yet innocent and authentic in this song.

Uku Suviste – The Lucky One

  • It’s a love song, but the main idea is a little bit different than usual: He feels lucky to end a bad relationship. In my opinion, it is an important subject that isn’t discussed enough.
  • Uku‘s vocal abilities are being well heard on this entry.
  • The chorus is powerful and it leans on a rich production.

 Blind Channel – Dark Side

  • Getting a rock song (in this case neo-metal and violent pop-rock) from Finland always ends up with a good song and a decent result.
  • It isn’t only a rock song, but a song with a character that even non-rock lovers may like.
  • A performance that’s based on an excellent vocal performance and charisma is guaranteed.

Barbara Pravi – Voilà 

  • We haven’t had an A1 quality French Chanson song since 2009. It finally came again in 2021.
  • Barbara isn’t just a singer, her facial expression tells a story. We can definitely consider her as a singer-actress.
  • The song brings an important message of self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Tornike Kipiani – You 

  • The song isn’t competitive at all, but the singer stayed faithful to his own art.
  • The contrast between a strong voice and a soft song can be an unexpected combination.
  • The song is calming and has the quality of a lullaby

 Jendrik Sigwart – I Don’t Feel Hate 

  • One of the songs with a fantastic message this year: ignore the hate, be yourself!
  • Jendrik won’t just bring a song, but also an entertaining performance
  • The song gives a place of respect for the ukelele and trumpets.

Stefania – Last Dance 

  • The song tends to follow the steps of 1980s music but with modern production.
  • Stefania is a young singer, but her voice is stable and powerful.
  • The chorus will make you dance and forget all the troubles around you.

Daði Freyr – 10 Years 

  • There is something innocent, simple (and a little bit cheesy) in the lyrics. It is heart-warming to see a man praise his women after being together for a decade.
  • Knowing Daði since Eurovision 2020 (or in fact Söngvakeppnin 2017), the song is faithful to its style and genre. It is always good to see an artist stick to its origin.
  • The introduction of the song, based on an orchestra of string instruments, is one of the beautiful ones this year.

 Lesley Roy – Maps

  • The lyrics include one of the most beautiful and creative metaphors this year: “My soul is a map, my heart is a compass/ I am the road“.
  • The song has a great melody with different layers that are designed by violin, keyboards, and modern production.
  • Let’s not forget about the message of the song: We all can make mistakes, handle them, failing, falling, and getting up. Eventually, we will find the right way to live life.

Eden Alene – Set Me Free

  • I can’t remember when we heard such great whistles on Eurovision’s song. Eden is an excellent vocalist that will impress all of us live for sure.
  • It’s the best revamp this year, and maybe one of the best revamps in years. It proves that some teams follow criticism and try to improve their efforts. From being at the bottom of betting odds, Israel is now in the upper half of the table.
  • Set Me Free” is a song about a relationship one is happy to end, but it can be understood as the with to be free from the Covid-19 restrictions we all have been through.

Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni

  • The combination of rock music and the Italian language is fascinating.
  • Talking about rock, I’m happy to get a rock song in Eurovision – something that rarely happens in recent years
  • The members of the band are very charismatic

Samanta Tīna – Moon is Rising 

  • Another women’s empowerment song that also raises important principles like self-confidence, faithful to yourself
  • No doubt Eurovision needs more Trap pop songs. The song was written and composed in a professional way. Of all the upbeat songs this year, this one stands out for the more effective and memorable beat.
  • Samanta Tīna is one of the strongest and most powerful female singers to participate at Eurovision 2020

THE ROOP – Discoteque 

  • For those who aren’t looking for not only a good song, but also a spectacular performance, here is The Roop.
  • Speaking out about Covid-19 consequences, this song puts things on the table, but in an original way: It is OK to dance alone (and not only because of Covid-19).
  • The dance disco beat in the chorus is unforgettable and it is one the catchiest choruses this year.

Destiny – Je Me Casse 

  • It is a song with an important message: women’s empowerment is in the center. Women can pick whoever they want to hang out with. The song canceled the wrong idea of “women should go with men that do step forward them”.
  • The combination of soul and charleston couldn’t be more interesting.
  • Destiny‘s voice is one of the most impressive of Eurovision 2021’s artists.

Natalia Gordienko – Sugar 

  • It isn’t only a dance-pop song, the song already has contagious dancing.
  • There are a lot of songs about feelings and love, but what songs support the idea of youth, sexual passion, and more? This one does it!
  • When a song includes an instrumental part, it should be memorable. This song includes some instrumental sections and all of them will stick to your mind easily

Vasil – Here I Stand

  • Vasil is one of the male singers with the most impressive vocal range.
  • For those who love Disney ballads, North Macedonia will be a place for comfort
  • The song will take you on a journey from weakness and insecurity to inner strength.

TIX – Fallen Angel

  • TIX is one of the artists with the most interesting life stories (He has Tourette syndrome, a condition characterized by involuntary movements called tics).
  • TIX has a distinct voice that I’m really happy is included in the Eurovision playlist.
  • I appreciate and braveness in giving us a song that is very exposed in a sense of straightforward words and meaningful message.

RAFAŁ – The Ride

  • The song could be a wonderful throwback to Eurovision fans who lived in the 1980s or just adore that genre.
  • There is a positive message: “You have to believe in yourself, don’t afraid to try, it is OK to fail”.
  • Whether you like it or not, the song is easy to remember and catchy.

The Black Mamba – Love is on My Side

  • Pedro Tatanka has one of the most beautiful voices this year, his voice is raspy but with the ability to reach high notes.
  • Portugal was brave enough to send a song that’s fully written in English for the first time in its Eurovision history.
  • The song tells the story of an old lady the band met in Amsterdam in 2019, during their tour. When she was younger, she ended up addicted to drugs and that led to prostitution. The choice to sing a song about that hurtful and important story is quite impressive.

 Roxen – Amnesia

  • Amnesia” is a song with a strong message: Love yourself, accept yourself, and don’t be afraid to call out for help when it is required.
  • The song has a wonderful and complex musical production.
  • The chorus is strong, impactful, and sticks to your mind.

 Manizha – Russian Woman 

  • Manizha is a pro-LGBT artist who also fights against domestic violence and for women’s rights. This isn’t just about the singer but about the personality behind it (especially when it comes from Russia). The song concentrates on the point of view of a woman influenced by the Russian culture and society’s expectations.
  • It has been a while since Russia sent a song with the Russian language in the part of its lyrics (the last time was in 2012).
  • The song suggests an interesting combination of genres: mid-eastern – Balkan pop, rap, and spoken word

Senhit – Adrenalina 

  • This is one of the first times San Marino has come not just to participate, but also to break their own record in the contest.
  • This song will make you happy. You may find yourself moving your body even without knowing and that’s definitely a song we need after Eurovision 2020 was canceled.
  • The famous rapper Flo Rida sings in the song as well and it’s an honor for the Eurovision scene. Who knows, it might be a key for expanding the Eurovision fan base.

Hurricane – Loco Loco 

  • The choice to sing in the beautiful Serbian language is already an advantage.
  • This isn’t the only song influenced by the 1980s music but it has something refreshing in it. The song is catchy and will stick to your mind easily
  • We haven’t gotten here for only a song, but also a dance and a potential stage burner.

Ana Soklič – Amen

  • The combination of gospel and choir singing is already impressive. This year, pre-recorded backing vocals are allowed and Slovenia has utilized them.
  • Ana Soklič is one of the most excellent vocalists this year. She has a wide vocal range: starting with low register and ending with long and high notes.
  • The song has a real message behind it. Some might be wrong by judging it as a religious song. However, the message is much wider: it spans the difficulties of life and in the same way, says they are natural. Everyone should celebrate their existence, everybody is wonderful in a unique way. We have many struggles in life, but that’s the way it goes and there’s nothing to worry about

Blas Cantó– Voy a quedarme 

  • It has been a while since Spain sent a male singer with an exciting and romantic ballad.
  • Sometimes basic and simple is enough. The song hasn’t any surprising components. It just leans on the singer’s voice, piano playing, and decent production.
  • A year ago, Blas lost his father. The song has an even more powerful meaning considering that.

Tusse – Voices  

  • The song has a strong message: It tells the story of millions of refugees that ask to be seen and at the same time be equally judged by society.
  • Sweden came out of its comfort zone last year: sending a male singer performing an upbeat song.
  • Tusse has its own stamp with a distinct voice and stage presence.

Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers 

  • The song creates drama, but at the end of the day it sends a positive message: bring united is what will heal us and help us pick up the pieces and start a brand new story.
  • Gjon has a soft, gentle, and impressive voice. His high notes are phenomenal.
  • Listening to the song takes you on a journey, the production is sophisticated and the fact it is in the French language is already a big bonus.

Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age 

  • Sranan Tongo language will be heard on the Eurovision stage for the first time
  • It also has a great connection to the subject of “Black Lives Matter”. The song tells the story from the point of view of a slave after the abolition of slavery.
  • It is also unique from a musical perspective: combining soul, gospel, and African tribe music together

Go_A – Shum (ШУМ)  

  • Go_A band is a folklore rock band that usually performs in the Ukrainian language. That’s exactly what we have got here and I’m happy to see artists that stay faithful to their identity.
  • I’m happy to see Ukraine taking a risk again, with foreign language lyrics but also with a genre that isn’t everyone’s piece of cake
  • Writing a song that includes flute playing, folk singing, and being a bop at the same time is almost impossible

James Newman – Embers 

  • It’s a different direction for the United Kingdom this year: choosing a song that can be a radio hit and has a strong connection to the current music scene. I am a big supporter of this concept.
  • James‘s voice is pleasant and he is also a professional singer.
  • Trumpets playing is a significant component of the song and it creates the festive atmosphere we all need after Eurovision 2020 was canceled.

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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