Eurovision 2020: Full Running Order Revealed

Eurovision 2020: The Full Running Order Announced 

The live shows of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 might have been canceled but wouldn’t it be nice to have another clue of how’s the show would have sounded like? 

During the Two live specials of “Eurovision Song Celebration aired this week, the EBU has decided to treat us and share with the fans, the shows running order as decided by the show’s programmer.

As for the fact that knowing the qualifiers from each semi will stay a lifetime mystery,  the entries of the BIG5 following the host country the Netherlands were presented just like in the live show’s, Three songs at the end of each semi-final. 

Semi-Final 1 (May 12th, 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Sweden.svg 01 – Sweden: The Mamas – “Move” Youtube.png (Melodifestivalen 2020 SF1SF2SF3SF4)

Eurovision Heart symbol Belarus.svg.png 02 – Belarus: VAL – “Da Vidna”  Youtube.png (Евровидение-2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Australia.svg.png 03 – Australia: Montaigne – “Don’t Break Me”  Youtube.png (Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Macedonia.svg.png 04 – North Macedonia: Vasil – “You” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Slovenia.svg 05 – Slovenia: Ana Soklič – “Voda” Youtube.png (EMA + EMA FREŠ)

Eurovision Heart symbol Lithuania.svg.png 06 – Lithuania: THE ROOP – “On Fire” Youtube.png (Eurovizijos Atranka Pabandom iš Naujo 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Ireland.svg.png 07 – Ireland: Lesley Roy – Story Of My Life Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Russia.svg.png 08 – Russia: Little Big -“Uno” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Belgium.svg.png 09 – Belgium: Hooverphonic – “Release Me” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Malta.svg.png 10 – Malta: Destiny – “All Of My Love” Youtube.png (Maltese X-Factor)

Eurovision Heart symbol Croacia.svg 11 – Croatia: Damir Kedžo – “Divlji Vjetre” Youtube.png  (Dora 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Azerbaijan.svg.png 12 – Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi – “Cleopatra” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Cyprus.svg.png 13 – Cyprus: Sandro – “Running” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Norway.svg 14 – Norway: Ulrikke Brandstorp – “Attention” Youtube.png (MGP 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Israel.svg.png 15 – Israel: Eden Alene – “Feker Libi” Youtube.png (Hakohav Haba La’Eurovision)

Eurovision Heart symbol Romania.svg.png 16 – Romania: Roxen – “Alcohol You” Youtube.png (Selecţia Naţională)

Eurovision Heart symbol Ukraine.svg.png 17 – Ukraine: Go_A – “Соловей”  Youtube.png (Vidbir 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Italy.svg  Italy (Finalist): Diodato – “Fai Rumore” Youtube.png (Sanremo 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Germany.svg.png Germany (Finalist): Ben Dolic ft. B-OK – “Violent Thing”  Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol The Nethelrlands.svg The Netherlands (Finalist): Jeangu Macrooy – “Grow” Youtube.png

Semi-Final 2 (May 14th, 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Greece.svg.png 01 – Greece: Stefania – “SUPERG!RL”  Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Estonia.svg.png 02 – Estonia: Uku Suviste – “What Love Is” Youtube.png (Eesti Laul 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Austria.svg.png 03 – Austria: Vincent Bueno– Alive Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Moldova.svg.png 04 – Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – “Prison”  Youtube.png (O melodi pentru Europa)

Eurovision Heart symbol San Marino.svg.png 05 – San Marino: Senhit – “Freaky” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Czech Republic.svg.png 06 – Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – “Kemama” Youtube.png (ESCZ 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Serbia.svg 07 – Serbia: Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista” Youtube.png (Beovizija 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Poland.svg.png 08 – Poland: Alicja Szemplińska – “Empires” Youtube.png (Szansa na Sukces)

Eurovision Heart symbol Iceland.svg.png 09 – Iceland: Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið – “Think About Things” Youtube.png  (Söngvakeppnin 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Switzerland.svg.png 10 – Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – Répondez-moi  Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Denmark.svg.png 11 – Denmark: Ben & Tan – “Yes” Youtube.png (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Albania.svg 12 – Albania: Arilena Ara – “Fall From The Sky”  Youtube.png (Festival I Këngës 58)

Eurovision Heart symbol Finland.svg.png 13 – Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – Looking Back Youtube.png (UMK 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Armenia.svg.png 14 – Armenia: Athena Manoukian – “Chains On You” Youtube.png (Depi Evratesil / Դեպի Եվրատեսիլ)

Eurovision Heart symbol Portugal.svg.png 15 – Portugal: Elisa – Medo de Sentir  Youtube.png (Festival da Canção 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol Georgia.svg.png 16 – Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – “Take Me As I Am” Youtube.png

EuroBulgaria.svg.png 17 – Bulgaria: Victoria Georgieva – “Tears Getting Sober” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Latvia.svg 18 – Latvia: Samanta Tīna – “Still Breathing” Youtube.png (Supernova 2020)

Eurovision Heart symbol France.svg France (Finalist): Tom Leeb – “The Best in Me” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom (Finalist): James Newman – “My Last Breath” Youtube.png

Eurovision Heart symbol Spain.png Spain (Finalist): Blas Cantó – “Universo” Youtube.png

Eurovision 2020 #Playlist Is Ready To Play In All Platforms




Ever since the sad cancellation moment, the production team and the EBU have thought greatly of the best ways to entertain us in these hard times. hence on Saturday, the yearly #Eurovision celebration will continue as planned under the name “Eurovision Shine a Light”. during the show, we can expect some magical unifying moment inc. the worldwide fans singing Johnny Logan’s Irish “What’s Another Year” (AKA “what’s another year without Eurovision?”),  a new version of 1979 winning song “Hallelujah”,  and performances by Netta, Eleni Foureira, Marija Šerifović and many more!

The show will be broadcast live on the official Eurovision YouTube channel HERE:

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